Hi everyone.
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Over the last while, I've made a few trades, but it hasn't been "busy" in quite some time.

Trading on this site seems to be drastically down overall. I suspect it's because people have specific wants and won't trade for anything but what they need.

I'm in a unique situation: I live 270 kilometers/167 miles (three hours) away from my "local" hobby shop. There's a Wal-mart about 45 minutes away from me but it has little in the way of hockey cards. Now because I am so far away from a dedicated hobby shop, it is difficult for my to acquire new cards. I can't just swing by a shop and pick up a box or a few packs. My only way of gathering current cards is by trade. It seems my traders have gone stale, as it were. I want to freshen things up but I have gotten very few offers.

I love this site and I would like to see more trade activity. I don't mind trading my trade bait for more trade bait. I just love trading. I have decided to try something different - I want folks to look through my traders, choose something you like, and make an offer. If I like it, we make the trade. No book value, no sale value. Throw those out the window (but don't go to hell with it and offer a 10-cent card for a $20 card). There's only one key rule: the cards I receive must be ones that can be traded easily.

I do have a wantlist, which you can see here:

You can offer something from that list or you can offer some traders. Autographed cards, jersey cards, rookie cards, doesn't matter!

Let's see what happens!