I hope I posted this in the right place, and I hope the powers that be don't mind that I'm giving collectors a heads up on an auction.

I have a large lot of basketball stars on ebay up for auction (3,500), and given it's size I figured that it may interest some of you - especially those of you that flip cards for to make a few extra bucks or for a living and/or those of hobbiests that regularly do card shows, own a shop or have an ebay store. You can view the auction via the link at the end of the post however I would encourage you to read the post to get a better understanding of the lot.

I'm generally a hockey card collector, although I do dabble a little in baseball. This past summer I purchased a very large hockey card collection, however the collection did contain a few thousand basketball cards which are all rookies of star players, stars, superstars, future Hall of Famers and HOF'ers, which to be honest don't interest me at all - I'm a hockey dude (although I do admire the card designs). At any rate there are around 3,500 cards (3 (800) count boxes, then another box that contains about 1,000 cards) and all of them are superstars, stars, rookies of stars, future HOF'ers etc. - no commons and no mass-produced "junk" from the early 90's. Although there are some HOF'ers er (superstars at that point in time) from the early 90's like Fleer and Hoops, 90% of the cards are post 1995 and 80% are post 2000, the majority of which are premium brands. Although I don't collect basketball, I am familiar with the players, I know who the stars er "name players" are, so I'm not ignorant to basketball. I'm also familiar with most of the brands being that they manufacture cards in other sports, however I'm far from a basketball card expert. I did go though the entire lot which is why I know they're all stars, HOF'ers and premium brand cards, and I did take a little time to look up around 100 cards or so on ebay just to see what the value was and most of them regularly sold (I cant say book because I don't have a Beckett) for between $1.00 and $10.00, so there is value there, I just don't have the time or the basketball knowledge to list 3,500 cards individually on ebay.. I mean I know the names, but I don't have the knowledge of knowing which are worth the time to list, what to list the card for and all the other details that go into listing cards on ebay.. I can do it with hockey all day, lol but I'm out of my league with basketball... I mean if card shows were still a local and weekly "thing" like they once were 20-25 years ago I would have just got a table, set up a few boxes and sold them that way... I mean these cards are excellent for your $1, 3, 5, 7 and $10 dollar bins... I mean I did find a few that sold for over $10.00 raw or ungraded on ebay but given what I did look up it appears the majority are your card show bargain bin cards that sell really quick, however with the internet and ebay making the local card show impractical and since I don't collect basketball, nor do I have the interest, knowledge, time, expertise or ebay slots (I'm limited to 180 auctions a month on ebay) to sell them I have listed them as a 3,500 card lot on ebay, and since I post here regularly (in the hockey forums) I thought I would bring the auction to you basketball card collectors/dealers attention, because I know many of you actually do shows or are high volume sellers on ebay so these cards would be much better off with you than me, lol..... I will say this - the potential for profit on this lot is amazing - I mean $3,000-$4,000 minimum if you do shows or have the clientele.. I mean I have neither - I already have my hands full with 250,000 hockey cards, so my card time is wrapped up in that.

This lot does have a lot of inserts, parallels and variations, there are a bunch of refractors as well.. I mean if it's a brand that also makes hockey or baseball cards I'm generally familiar with the parallels, but I will admit that some brands parallels and variations are very confusing.. Like I don't get the whole "Row 2, Sec 4" type cards..

The lot contains hundreds of different superstars, stars and Hall of Famers from the past 30 years, so you will get multiple different cards of players (not doubles, although there are some doubles). Here are just some of the names included, and you will get around 30-50+ different cards/brands of each player like: David Robinson, Dominique Wilkins, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Garnett, Tracy McGrady Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, Dirk Nowitzki, Larry Bird, Yao Ming, Hakeem Olajuwon, Jalen Rose, Clyde Drexler, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Paul Pierce, and and many many more players..You will also get the following brands - a lot of premium brands/cards:

Topps Gold Label
Flair Showcase Power
SP Authentic
Fleer Sweet Sigs
Skybox Metal
Fleer Tradition
Upper Deck Gold Reserve
Topps Gallary
Fleer Focus
Collectors Choice
NBA Hoops
Fleer Shoebox
Metal Universe
Panini Court Kings
Fleer Premium
Upper Deck
Fleer Ultra
Skybox E-XL
Upper Deck Hardcourt
Topps Finest
Fleer Mystque
Panini Threads
UD Ionix
SP Championship Series
Fleer E x (see through/transparent cards)
Upper Deck Slam (see through/transparent cards)
Topps Luxury Box
Flair Showcase Passion
Press Pass
Fleer Futures
Upper Deck Game Dated
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Bowmans Best
NBA Hoops Hot Prospects
Fleer Game Time
UD Game Dated
Stadium Club
NBA Hoops/Skybox 89X99 "Retro"
Topps Trademark Moves

And the above brands/manufacturers are just a sample of what is contained in this lot, I just went though around 250 cards just to give an example and those are the brands that were in those 250 cards so this lot is profoundly diverse when it comes to manufacturers, brands and players.

There are some Michael Jordan's and Shaq's as well, but not nearly as many compared to the volume of other players.

To be honest, it's almost like someone went though several thousand cards and pulled only a few players, I mean the only players missing from this lot you would expect to find are Kobe Bryant and Lebron James.. Beyond those two this lot contains every star that you could think of

If it matters - the first time I listed this lot within the first hour of the listing I got a couple offers - one of which I thought was reasonable, which I accepted and the ebay user never paid. Who makes an offer and doesn't pay?.... I just thought I would add that because it's interesting not because I discourage offers, as a matter of fact 50% of my ebay sales are via offers, so all ebay offers will be considered.

If you have interest, you can view the ebay auction here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/132959506697

Thanks for taking a look,

If you would like more information or more pictures other than what's on ebay just send a PM.