Every year each ML team puts out their own media guide ranging anywhere f/300-500 pages, consisting of everything you want to know about their team of that year and all of the history of their past teams. It is a great collectors item and if you know specific players who played for that team on a specific year, their bio w/picture is included. I have almost all of them f/the late 90's up through last year. If you request a certain year and team, I can tell you whether or not I have them. Selling price is .00 per book or if you'd like to trade I'd be interested in vintage type cards in return f/1979 on back to 1948. The Bowman series f/1948-1955 is of interest as well as all the Topps series f/1952 onward. Everyone who has purchased/traded for these in the past has been delighted w/the amount of material available. So tell me which team and which year(s), and LMK what you might have in trade should you rather go that route.
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