Really fun set this year. I like the variety and nostalgia. May go for a set when the hobby boxes come down.

30 base + 4 variations
34 cards / 200 set = 17% of the set

Silver 28 Mark Martin
Silver 83 Bill Elliott
Silver 12 Ryan Blaney Variation
Silver 129 Chris Buescher
Silver 134 Matt Dibenedetto
Black 130 David Ragan 040/199

Optic 17 Aric Almirola
Classics 6 Carl Edwards
Classics 7 Mark Martin
Decades Of Speed 6 1970's
Contenders 14 Jimmie Johnson
Icons 19 Bobby Allison
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Action Packed 11 Ty Dillon
Optic Red Wave 5 Kyle Busch RK
Optic Red Wave 63 Chase Briscoe
Optic Red Wave Illusion 10 Denny Hamlin

Optic Signatures Holo 53 Cody Coughlin 25/31

I think the Optic Signatures are a tough pull as they're all short printed to 75 or less. If anyone needs anything let me know.