Cards for sale only!!

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Prices include shipping within Canada only. Shipping to the US can be negotiated. Any total over $150 will require tracked shipping which will $15extra. Price is in CAD

Jack Eichel Lot BV Total $359USD Asking $250 CAD Shipped with tracking

Rookie Material Lot BV$159USD Asking $80 CAD shipped

Bobby Hull RET BV$40USD $20 shipped
Guy Lafleur RET BV$30USD $20 shipped
Teemu Selanne RET BV$50USD x2 $20 shipped each
Hunter Shinkaruk POE BV$20USD x2 $12 shipped each
Jake Virtanen POE BV$25USD $15 shipped
Robby Fabbri POE BV$25USD $15 shipped

Arizona Lot Total BV$93USD $60 shipped

Kyle Connor Auto BV$50USD $35 shipped

Point $25shipped
Chychrun $5 shipped
Aho $20shipped
Aberg $6 Shipped
Connor $15 Shipped
Mantha $13 Shipped
Morrissey $5 Shipped
Tkachuk $20Shipped
Lehkonen $10 Shipped
Dvorak $5 Shipped
Sergachev $15 Shipped
W Nylander $30 Shipped

Offers are welcomed! Send me a DM with an offer!