Any buyers/traders of the 2019 Topps Alliance of Football set? I am trying to finish the set, and i'm close to finishing the Future Stars insert portion for my son. We are looking for the following:

FS-2 Jhurell Pressley
FS-4 Aaron Murray
FS-7 Luis Perez
FS-9 Lawrence Okoye
FS-14 Marvin Bracy-Williams
FS-17 Adonis Jennings
FS-22 Mike Bercovici
FS-24 Meffy Koloamatangi

I have available for trade:

FS-1 Trevor Knight
FS-3 Larry Rose
FS-10 Kayaune Ross
FS-12 Pig Howard
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FS-15 Will Davis
FS-20 Dustin Vaughan
FS-23 Kameron Kelly

And if anyone has Auto's please let me know.

Al Driver