Mostly looking for Wings but will check trade pages

09-10 UD Ice Fresh Threads #FT-JB Benn (black)
11-12 SPx Winning Materials Dual Jersey #WM-NB Backstrom (both white)
13-14 SPGU Authentic Fabrics Dual Patch #AF2-LB Lehtonen(green)/Benn(white) 2/25
13-14 Titaniium Milestone Goal Scorers Jersey #MI-JI Iginla (red) 99/100
13-14 Titanium Game Worn Gear Prime #GG-DP Perron (3-colorwhite/gold/dark blue) 12/50
13-14 Totally Certified Jersey Prime Blue #TC-MBA Backlund (red/black) 1/50
14-15 Artifacts Jersey Patch Emerald #110 Schneider (green/white) 4/75
15-16 Anthology Sizable Signatures Jersey Prime #SS-MI Irwin (5 color 2 shades of teal/blak/white/and a speck of brown) 39/99
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lmk if any interest