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    SP Authentic Game used for sale

    I'm offering the following GU cards that I pulled from a box of 2003 SP Authentice Game used.

    Rickey Williams GU Jersey- 175CC
    Eddie George GU Jersey- 175CC
    Chris Chambers GU Jersey- 175CC
    Randy Moss GU Jersey- 200 CC
    Peerless Price GU Jersey- 125CC

    These are the only cards I'm offering right now and currently don't have anything for sale on my site until I can get a chance to update it. Thanks


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    Peerless Price GU Jersey- 150CC
    Rickey Williams GU Jersey- 200CC
    whats the bv?

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    any lower on Moss or Williams? I really want the Moss
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    I've edited and re-priced all of the items. This is the lowest I'll go on these.

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    I'll take the Moss and Ricky Williams for a total of 375. The Ricky is the one on the Dolphins right? Not that backup with the same name PM me if we have a deal. Thanks

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    I will take the Moss for 200. Please PM me. If its taken I will take the Eddie George for 175. What are the BVs?

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    Sorry everybody, I was working a deal with somebody while you were replying to this thread. Somebody picked up all of them from me. Thanks for your interest and look out for future offers of cards for CC.

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