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    Another amazing expo in the books!!!!!!!!!

    Headed down Friday morning and got there just as it was opening. Took my 5 year old daughter Madeline in with me to her very first expo. All the vendors were great with most saying hi and asking who her favorite player was. This is what makes the expo for me dealers interacting with the kids and not solely focusing on the big sale. Her favorite player is Nick Suzuki and at the 5 table we were able to grab some CHL base for her and she was set for the rest of the day. Took her to the food court and got her some over priced pizza, and while there met up with a friend and her 10 year old son. Let the kids hammer out some trades for half an hour or so and all seemed happy when we were done. Maddie lasted 3 hours until the lure of the hotel pool got to her, so her mom came and got her leaving another 4 hours or so to walk the floor and go digging. Made sure to pop in and say hi to all the guys Ive met over the years. Was chatting with Dan from Beyond the Pond in London and first thing he asks me is "where's the boys" I know he wont have anything for me because he would have told me before hand. But I do find a Michael Halmo cup rookie auto with a $12 sticker on it. Halmo was my sons favorite player when he played his JR here (Owen Sound) so this was a must have. Asked if he would take 10 just so I didnt have to break a bill and he told me 5 was good. Love having these kind of relationships with the dealers make the event even more enjoyable.

    Was there again for opening Sat morning this time with my 12 year old and 8 year old boys. First thing we did was head to Marcel Dionne's booth to get a pic signed that we had taken at the fall show. I grabbed a signed puck and he also gave my boys a signed custom card each. 4 autos from a hall of famer for $20 cant beat that. I struck up a conversation with him and told him I hope I wasnt upsetting him by asking him, but had he located his missing child hood skates. (can google the story if you are unfamiliar) He said yes he had and then showed them to me, I told him I was so happy for him and he gave me a fist bump! Might not seem like much but arguably the coolest guy in the room giving me a fist bump put a smile on my face.

    I had previously signed my boys up for a free kid break at the ultra pro booth. We got there and were again joined by my friends 10 year old son......and 3 other kids. 6 kids total I dont want to knock these guys for what they did for free because it was awesome but they could have promoted it a little better and got some more kids in there. Regardless it was a great way to get kids involved all 6 were given a couple of packs to open, a breakers mat, a pack of penny sleeves and a pack of top loaders, a snap case and a one touch for there best card. Boys both hit a babe ruth in there baseball packs as well as my oldest hitting a young gun. The kids then proceeded to start trading among each other which was great. The lady in charge of this was simply amazing. Again IMO there is nothing better then see kids enjoying the hobby.

    Onto my pickups. I only collect Bobby Ryan as well as Wayne Gretzky (base/inserts) and these would be the only 2 guys I was looking for. Its hard adding to my Ryan collection I am usually lucky to hit 1 per expo. For this reason I decided not go after any of his OPCP before hand so I would at least have something to chase that I knew would be there. I was able to find 5 of the 8 non 1/1's so I was happy with that. Came across a cup tag auto /3 on friday that I was pretty sure I would be leaving with. The seller and I were $120 apart at first but he was a great guy and I took his card. Went back to him Sat morning and bumped my offer up $50 and he declined but said if he didnt get his full asking at the show then it was mine. If someone came in 20 or 30 bucks over my offer he would keep it for me cause he knew it was for my PC. Cool greatly appreciated it. As I was walking away he called me back and said you know what.....I'll take your offer. SWEET. I actually think I over paid a little BUT I have no problem doing that with PC cards and the guy was great to deal with. (PRG Diamond Sports Cards and Collectibles)

    So Ive now hit 6 PC cards and Im good. Got about half an hour before wife and daughter come pick me up, so I send the kids off to the pepperette guy and I head to the food court to grab a seat. On the way up there I browse through a table I think I may have missed. Guy comes over and we strike a conversation and then he starts digging through a box looking for Ryan's. After about 10 minutes with no luck he gives me a card and tells me to send him my want As I start to walk away he tells me he has found one.......Dominion Emerald /5. I tell him I ham sure I have it but pull out my list anyways and sure enough I need it. Another great deal with another great seller (Bob and Gary's Sports cards and collectables) and another PC card for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Usually we stay down for all three days but I had gotten word of a local Darryl Sittler signing and I wanted to take the kids to that. Met him a couple of hours ago and man he is just as great as Dionne! Super nice guy and great with the kids. When we do signings like this my rule of thumb is 2 items per but he did 3 per for us and asked us if we had anymore!

    Great weekend with the kids and were already excited for November

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    Great read, looks like you had another fantastic Expo experience.

    Congrats on all the memories made and of course those new PC cards! That Cup Tag is a beauty!!

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    Sounds like it was a great experience at the expo for everyone involved, thanks for sharing. Great to hear that the kids had fun, and congrats on your pc additions.

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    Awesome you had a Great time. Sorry we could not connect.
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    Awesome and thanks for taking the time to,share.

    Great Prices on soft sleeves and top loaders!

    Standard Soft sleeves .75 each , Thick Soft Sleeves $1 each, Top Loaders 60 point $2.75 each, Top Loaders 100 point $4, Top Loaders 140 points $2.50 each, Top Loaders 190 point $1.75 each, Top Loaders 240 point $2 each. Prices do not include shipping!!

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    Love hearing the stories from the Expo! Great to see the kids enjoying it! Sittler is my fav of all time and I would have left to track him down too! Class act! Thanks for sharing!
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    That’s a great weekend in the books!
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