I hit a ton of autos and low #ed cards in both boxes. Nothing super mega here, but a few very nice cards, including a /5 auto of a HOFer.

12-13 Momentum autos -- Monumental Marks Avery Johnson /15 (probably will PC this -- I always liked Avery), Momentous Rookies Isaiah Thomas auto (could have done a lot worse -- fans will always remember his last season with the Celtics), Monumental Marks Arron Afflalo /25, Courtney Lee die cut /25, Ersan Ilyasova auto /199
Rookies -- Tony Wroten and Kim English (this is why I was glad my auto was at least of Isaiah!)
Force /25 parallel -- Caron Butler

14-15 Prestige Premium autos -- Old School Micheal Ray Richardson /175, Bonus Shots Kenny Smith /25 (might PC this as well -- I liked him as a player), Premieres rookie auto Glenn Robinson III, Bonus Shots Walt Bellamy /5 (this is the best pull of the bunch -- I was curious as to how he signed in a 14-15 product when he died in 2013, but it's a sticker auto, so Panini must have had some in reserve)
Memorabilia -- Bonus Shots Dwight Howard /99 (single color red swatch)
Notable numbered cards -- Bonus Shots Red Rookie Rodney Hood /199 (good time to pull this -- he's been a key playoff contributor for Portland this month), Bonus Shots Die Cut Jimmy Butler /25
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Rookies -- again quite a few no-names here; Aaron Gordon is the only notable one

Let me know if you're interested in anything for trade.