Had a good time with my son and a kid from our youth group tonight. We got to the stadium right after the gates opened at 5:30 by the time we got to the line they had already put up the cut off sign for the autograph line. Asked if we could follow the sign just in case and I’m glad we did we were in the last group of 30 people they let through at 6:40 before TY Hilton and Malik Hooker had to go throw out the first pitch. I had picked up a Hilton youth jersey at goodwill awhile back so my son got that signed along with a card of Hooker. Also got a youth helmet at goodwill so we got that signed too but the autograph got scratched up inside our bag a little. My son got a Reggie Wayne bobble head from the Colts because he wore a jersey to the event so that was cool too. I thought the youth jersey cane out pretty good for being a cheaper one. He signed in black but it looks more grey on the number.

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