With the 2 day Midwest League all star game and fan fest, I will be taking 5050s on any items of the following. The ones missing I will not accept 5050 for. Also willing to get all star game sets for people and start getting them signed as many as possible and ship them back for 50 dollars total the set will cost me 32 dollars and 5 bucks to ship, so it's really not that bad.

Eastern Divison Starters

C: Chris Betts – Bowling Green
1B: Jake Brodt – Lansing
2B: Xavier Edwards – Fort Wayne
3B: Miguel Vargas – Great Lakes
OF: Niko Hulsizer – Great Lakes
OF: Ulrich Bojarski – West Michigan
DH: Roberto Alvarez – Bowling Green

Eastern Division Reserves

C: Pabel Manzanero – Dayton
INF: Dillon Paulson – Great Lakes
INF: Andy Weber – South Bend
INF: Nick Podkul – Lansing
INF: Ryan Gold – Lansing

Eastern Division Pitchers

Easton McGee – Bowling Green
Alan Strong – Bowling Green
Caleb Sampen – Bowling Green
Henry Henry – Fort Wayne
Jose Chacin – Great Lakes
Austin Drury – Great Lakes
Manuel Alvarez – Lake County
Josh Winchowski - Lansing
Cobi Johnson - Lansing
Jeff Passantino – South Bend
Riley Thompson – South Bend
Brailyn Marquez – South Bend
Cam Sanders – South Bend

Western Divison Starters

C: David Fry – Wisconsin
1B: Brady Whalen – Peoria
2B: Blaze Alexander – Kane County
OF: Jerar Encarnacion – Clinton
OF: Alek Thomas – Kane County
OF: Austin Dennis – Quad Cities
DH: Chris Williams – Cedar Rapids

Western Division Reserves

C: Cesar Salazar – Quad Cities
INF: Gabe Snyder – Cedar Rapids
INF: Trey Dawson – Quad Cities
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INF: Buddy Kennedy – Kane County 18 EEE
INF: Jeremy Pena – Quad Cities 18 EEE
INF: Delvin Perez – Peoria
OF: Jesus Lujano – Wisconsin

Western Division Pitchers
Eric Marinez – Beloit
Aiden McIntyre – Beloit
Robinson Pina – Burlington
Jose Soriano – Burlington
Cristopher Molina – Burlington
Josh Winder – Cedar Rapids
Humberto Mejia – Clinton
Chris Vallimont – Clinton
Blake Workman – Kane County
Diego Cordero – Peoria
Matt Ruppenthal – Quad Cities
Austin Hansen – Quad Cities
Adam Hill – Wisconsin
Aaron Ashby – Wisconsin
Logan Gillaspie – Wisconsin