I have a lot of yu gi oh cards that i need to get ride of. i cant give an exact number but i would say 1500+ i have about equal trap and monster cards i think. i have one full set of exodia, a full set of noble knights deck, a full yugi deck(all 3 of them to be exact, but there all scattered), im pretty sure i have all the god cards. if you have anything or special request i will be happy to try and fulfill your needs. just message me for any questions or comments :) im trying to sell 60-all of them at a time but if your requesting a just a certain card i will as that you buy the other 59 or i will charge you 1 card for 60. but depending on what you want and how many, EX: if you want the full exodia set i wont charge a full 60 cards but i would charge how much the set of the exodia would be.