I was going to do the latter half of May and all of June in one post, but I'll be out of town at the time when I'd be putting that together. So, here's one for the last month-ish.

MAY 13
Ron Bryant, c/o home, 2/2, 2 weeks
Dennis Higgins, c/o home, 1/1, 2 weeks
Ken Sanders, c/o home, 1/1, 2 weeks
Jerry Bell, c/o home, 1/1, 2 weeks

MAY 16
Gary Pettis, c/o team, 4/4, 3 weeks

MAY 21
Daniel Suarez, c/o team, 4/4, 3 months

MAY 24
Denny Doyle, c/o home, 1/1, 1 month

MAY 28
Brendan Gaughan, c/o home, 3/3, 5 months

Martin Truex Jr., c/o team, 1/1, 4 months

Heinz Wirtz, c/o home, 2/2, 1 month

JUNE 15 - Northwest Arkansas Naturals at Frisco Roughriders
Abraham Nunez, 3/6
Taylor Featherston, 2/4
Gabriel Cancel, 2/2
Travis Jones, 1/1
Nelson Liriano, 5/6
Brady Singer, 1/2
Khalil Lee, 1/2
Doug Henry, 8/8
Andres Sotillet, 1/1
Andrew Beckwith, 1/1
Anderson Miller, 2/3
Meibrys Viloria, 2/2
Preston Beck, 2/2
James Jones, 6/6
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Jonathan Hernandez, 6/6
Michael De Leon, 2/2
Christian Lopes, 1/3
Tony Sanchez, 2/3
Juremi Profar, 1/1
Joe Barlow, 1/1 (I'm an idiot; I thought he was Joe Palumbo so it's on Palumbo's game program...)

Ryan Newman, c/o team, 4/4, 4 months
Tyler Reddick, c/o team, 3/3, 6 weeks

So as the link above says, I'll be in Vegas for a MISL 40th Anniversary Reunion event. I might try to do the Aviators-Aces game while I'm there, but likely will have to miss that-- the only games while I'm there are at the same time as major reunion weekend events. I will be going out to Frisco again on June 30 though. Got Midland coming to town again and a pair of Bobby Crosby jersey cards that need a sig on them.

Hmm... Las Vegas and the MISL... think former Cincinnati Kids co-owner Pete Rose might be there?