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    looking for redsox game used and autos

    im looking for redsox game used and autos let me know what you got and how much you want

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    I dont know what he wants but do you have any Braves players that are uncertified or certified hairston?

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    yeah I do have some Braves un-certified.I have these:
    Jesse Garcia
    Marcus Giles
    Donzelle McDonald

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    I dont even have close to that amount. Im looking for ones for cheap. Got any uncertified autos for cheap?

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    j2coolsautos please dont hi jack my thread please make your own.

    do you have any aoutos of redsox players certified or not?

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    Chad Mottalla
    Bruce Chen
    Lou Collier
    I didn't mean 2000 i meant 200. but i'm not real sure.
    both of you make offers!

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