Buffalo Bills defensive end Shaq Lawson says he will pay for the funeral of an 11-year-old South Carolina girl who died after someone fired more than 35 shots at her home.

News outlets report a family member announced Lawson's contribution Wednesday evening at a vigil for Ja'Naiya Scott. Someone fired shots at the house in Anderson on Sunday morning. Ja'Naiya's 18-year-old sister and her 11-year-old cousin were also wounded.

Lawson grew up in South Carolina and played football at Clemson University before being drafted in the first round of the 2016 NFL draft.

He says he read reports about the shooting and felt compelled to contact the family. Lawson says he has a sister around the same age as Ja'Naiya.

'It could have been my little sister,' he told The Greenville News. 'I've got a little sister around that age, and it could have been one of my family members.'

Lawson said he spoke with Ja'Naiya's mother, Marshella Rice.

'I know her heart was hurting,' Lawson said. 'I was so speechless I couldn't saying anything. I felt for her pain. I felt the pain, too. I felt like any way I could possibly help out, I was going to do that. It hit my heart.'

No suspects have been named in the case.

'Whoever did this needs to come forward and tell the truth,' he said. 'And whoever's hiding, it's wrong that you're hiding. This is a little girl who is gone. It's just pointless killing people — killing an innocent child. She was at home, a place she was supposed to be safe.'

As reported by The Greenville News, Ja'Naiya had recently written an essay about her future.

'I want to graduate high school with honors and a good G.P.A. score,' wrote Ja'Naiya, who would have been entering the sixth grade this fall. 'I have to work really hard to earn those grades... They're not just going to give it to you. You have to work hard and earn it.'

Ja'Naiya hoped to become cosmetologist and her own boss.

'In conclusion, I have a wild future ahead of me, but I gotta work hard to accomplish my goals,' she wrote.