Pricing in USD and includes first class shipping in the US. Canada please add $8.00 for shipping as many sets as you buy. International buyers please add $15.00 for shipping as many sets as you want. US buyers will receive a $5.00 discount per set on multiples purchased.

18-19 Upper Deck Series 2 OPC Update Complete set (601-650): $30.00
2015 Upper Deck OPC CFL Retro Set (1-50): $25.00
2015 Upper Deck CFL Complete set with SPs (1-200): $55.00
15-16 Upper Deck Champs Fish set (F-1 to F-30): $10.00
90-91 OPC Premier Complete set (1-132): $30.00
18-19 Upper Deck 25 under 25 set (U25-1 to U25-25): $15.00
18-19 Upper Deck Stonewalled Set (SW-1 to SW-50): $30.00
18-19 Upper Deck Shooting Stars Centers (SSC-1 to SSC-10), Shooting Stars Left Wing (SSL-1 to SSL-10) and Shooting Stars Goaltenders (SSG-1 to SSG-10) 30 cards total: $25.00
11-12 Upper Deck All World Team 30 card set (AW-1 to AW-30): .00
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13-14 Upper Deck Shining Stars complete set Centers, Defense, Goalie, Left Wing, Right Wing 50 cards total: $30.00
16-17 Upper Deck Super Colossal 20 Card set: $10.00
16-17 Upper Deck Goalie Nightmares 30 card set: $15.00

Please PM or post if interested. Discounts may be available if multiples are taken. If someone wants all the sets it will be $180.00 delivered in the US, $188.00 to Canada, and $195.00 to the rest of the world.