for a good cause.
His spread sheet for cards is only up to the M's but he is working on it when he can.
He is getting ready for the National in Chicago right now
I will attach what he has up at the moment but he also has a face book page with cards on it. They just had a signing with Juan Bonilla
Again I know this is not for everyone but just trying to share the link maybe for the future
Hope this works
Here is what Signature for Soldiers is

July 1 2019 Update
Long Overdue.....

Yes, this email update is long overdue. I'm not quite sure where the time has gone. But I know that I've been extremely busy, personally and professionally. And with Signatures For Soldiers. I feel like my time is limited these days and that I've started to become consumed with preparing to depart to Chicago to attend this year's National Sports Collectors Convention. Can you believe that it is only 4 weeks away??

I want to send a special THANK YOU to Ripping Wax and GTS Distribution for once again sponsoring Signatures For Soldiers booth at The National. Without them, our presence at The National would not be possible. The entire SFS Family is grateful for their support. If you will be in Chicago from July 31 through August 4, please be sure to stop by the Donald E Stephens Convention Center to say hello.

As you can see from our updated total, SFS has hit and surpassed a huge milestone. I'm still completely in awe of the amount of money that has been raised for Military Missions In Action and their work with homeless and disabled veterans. As I've mentioned before, my original goal for this project was to raise $500. Now we are more than 100 times that amount!!!

As I've reflected on this accomplishment, I couldn't help but think about two former MLB players who were willing to support my efforts from the very beginning. Both Barry Lyons (former Mets catcher) and Chris Hammond (former Reds, Marlins, Yankees, Braves pitcher) were eager and willing to sign cards to help what has now become SFS. When I had reached out to both of them, I had literally raised ZERO money. Now almost 5 years later, both of them continue to be huge supporters of SFS and MMIA.

It is support like this that I'm extremely grateful for. SFS continues to receive tremendous support from players and every day citizens. Although our efforts continue to grow and expand, the ultimate goal remains the same....To raise money and awareness for MMIA with 100% of all the money raised going directly to MMIA.

For The National this year, SFS has a newly designed shirt that we will be selling. I've shared the design on Facebook and Twitter. If you haven't seen the design, please message me and I will be happy to share the design with you. We also will have car magnets that we will be giving away. Again we've shared the design on social media and would be happy to share pictures of the design with you if you haven't seen the design yet.

As always, I'm open to feedback on how to do things better or improvements that I can make. If you have any ideas on how to enhance what we are doing, please feel free to email me. Also, please email me with any ideas you may have to become a more active participant in our efforts.

Please feel free to forward this update to anyone you may know who would be interested in learning more about SFS and our efforts. Please remind them that 100% of all of the money raised, not just proceeds, goes directly to Military Missions In Action ( to help support their work with homeless and disabled veterans.

Please continue to share our link for others to sign up for regular email updates:

Thank you again for your support. Because of you, SFS is what it is today....a force in The Hobby that is promoting good deeds everywhere.

Tim Virgilio
4210 Harrisburg Street NE
St. Petersburg FL 33703
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