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    I'm not down on the idea of set collecting at all, so don't take this the wrong way... I suspect you won't like it much.
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    If we're talking about UD 1/2 sets: You can typically find the base sets for sale, in the $5-$10 range. Not a lot of money. Shipping, of course, will up that price to you. To send 200 base cards through the mail, in Canada, it's going to cost more than $10.

    You only want "mint" cards. I can promise you that if you buy a UD Series 1 base set for $10, and pay $15 for it to be shipped.... when those 200 base cards arrive: If you go through them closely, you'll find some with edging issues, soft corners, etc. Those cards going into a box, being packed tightly: They won't have any major issues, but the chances of any of those cards grading a 9 is going to be slim.

    The fact that you wrote "hassle" in your title makes me think that's all it will be for you.

    I did sets for years. It was fun. I'm not down on the idea at all. I didn't stop because I didn't like doing it - I stopped because I didn't want to plunk down the money for new UD sets every year (and it's only gotten MORE expensive since then). The amount of room that stuff was taking up was getting a little obnoxious too. Don't miss them (complete UD S1/2 sets from 90-91 through 15-16) at all.

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    I think people still do care about inserts, but I think today's model puts base & inserts into the same "category" now. They are of course different types of cards, but inserts now are looked at by a lot of collectors as 'fluff' if it's not super low-numbered or have a crazy patch on it. Sad, because there are great inserts out there, but boxes are all about that 1 big hit now and they've been catering towards the Group Break model.

    That being said, I think there is still a market for inserts as we've seen the emergence of them with lower-end products like Tim Horton's & OPC Coast To Coast (master sets that are actually do-able, or at least not as scary to contemplate completing), but insert cards are just not what it used to be when looking across the product board.

    I still think inserts can be a great hit if they make them chasable & lower the amount of game-used cards and autos. Will manufacterers do that? Probably not, as they've seen the current model work for them and are already "in to deep" as they've had this type of offering in their products for many, many years now. Hard to scale back that much in all their products when the stuff sells and collectors have been used to a particular product model.

    Inserts are my bread and butter nowadays. There have been so many great inserts and parallels (Insert parallels) over the years that get brushed aside, even when they hold odds of case hits. Hopefully Hockey collectors will start to wake up to this as years pass as Basketball and Baseball guys have embraced them much earlier. As for base cards... can't be bothered as they are printed into oblivion STILL. I will pick up nice copies of base cards for my PC guys if the photography and card design is nice though.

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    I used to collect complete sets a lot, looking back it's been 10 years since my last complete set which was 08/09 UD! Doesn't seem that long ago, but I really enjoyed it. I only did UD from 91 to 09, and have OPC from 71 to 91 - some really cool sets that I pull out and flip through once in a while. The biggest accomplishment was 93/94 UD with all inserts and parallels - took forever pre-Internet - still love that set.

    I have since moved on to focus on my PC as kids, work, house, time, and $$, all take away from being able to pursue complete sets. The thrill of the final card to complete a set was always there.

    The Internet makes it so easy to complete a full set, just takes time and money. Buying lots of RC (UD1/UD2) is more affordable, and COMC is likely a cheaper way to grab multiple needs. I would go back in a heartbeat, just need the kids to not cost so much, the house to fix itself, time to work on sets, and oh yah - money, lots of money!

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    This is a bit of a strange thread but the topic itself is one that's quite dear to me. Generically of course this is a hobby and different people are into different things with the hobby - whether that be player collecting, team collecting, value/profit collecting, set collecting, etc

    For me personally - set building is the entire hobby - I honestly cant' understand how people enjoy the other forms of collecting (totally respect their choice i just don't "get it"). When I buy a box to open packs - which let's just be honest are obnoxiously expensive considering what's in them - I could never reasonably complete that purchase unless there was a fun factor coming out of it - simply ripping the packs open to look for value or the particular player(s) i collect would be such an exercise in disappointment probably well over 75% of the time. As a set collector every card I open is interesting and part of a project/whole. I get a lot of enjoyment of sorting the cards afterwards and ordering them by number, keeping a spreadsheet of the cards I have and the ones I still am missing - which creates an additional fun project of hunting those cards down over time or posting them as a tradelist/wantlist. That whole process is basically the entire hobby for me.

    Will I ever look at the cards in the boxes once the sets are complete? Probably not - maybe later in life - but the process that built the set in the first place was long enough and involved enough that the fun-value was definitely there versus my initial purchases whatever they happened to be.

    If you're not set building - how can you possibly justify the cost of wax? Look at a box of upper deck series 1/2 for example - you get 6 young guns which are just 6 rolls of the dice to get a "money" rookie which even if you hit one you're probably still sitting at like 30% of the value for the box - all the base cards are worth less than the cardboard they're printed on and the inserts aren't far off usually fetching about 25-50c value each to collectors. The jersey card is usually worth about $2 while even some of the other "hits" like the clear cuts or acetate parallels are only mildly valuable. I can't think of many scenarios beyond hitting a /100 or /10 young gun parallel in which the money for a box becomes "worth it" unless you're finding ways of enjoying the process

    TLDR: i love building sets!!

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    I love set collecting but I can't justify the cost of it. So I've gone to team sets, mainly. I still open a box or two every year, but it leaves me wanting more and with stuff I can't really do anything with.

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