Buy everything for $45!
Looking to move a good bit of my collection as I try and get out of modern all together and move to vintage. The only thing I plan on keeping is some Rangers stuff (although most of it is going as well).

Anyway, prices are listed. I tried to describe the lots as best as possible. Shipping extra. As an added bonus, I'll throw in a couple more hundred inserts, RCs, parallels, refractors, etc. as well as everything that's in my base box. Should be about 600 more cards all together. Thanks for the look.

2018 Topps Update lot;
(325+ base, 160+ inserts, SPs, variations, parallels, etc.)

2019 Prizm lot;
(All inserts and colors, no base, 37 total cards)

2019 Topps lot;
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(Mostly Series 2 with 50+ inserts and close to 300 base)

Random vintage lot;