NSCC Bowman Pack Redemption
Similar to last year’s program, collectors who want to get their hands on the exclusive NSCC Bowman redemption packs will have to purchase select hobby boxes from a dealer (like Dave & Adam’s at booth 842) at the National. Once they do, the will receive a specially marked sticker which they will then need to bring to the Topps booth with the sealed box to redeem for a pack. Each pack contains four exclusive Bowman cards with a chance at autographs and rare refractors.
Depending on the product purchased, a single box is eligible for either one or two redemption packs. See the table below for eligible boxes and the number of packs that can be redeemed per box. There is a limit of 12 packs per person, per transaction, and packs are only available while supplies last.
There will be a limited number of packs available each day of the show in order for them to last the duration of the NSCC.
The redemption line will open Thursday-Sunday at 11:30 am and at 5 pm on Wednesday.

Here is the list of products and corresponding number of redemption packs:
2019 Hobby Products # of Packs
MLS Soccer 1
Series 1 Baseball Hobby 1
Inception Baseball 1
Pro Debut Baseball 1
Series 2 Baseball Hobby 1
Stadium Club Baseball 1
Allen & Ginter Baseball 1
Archives Signatures Active Player Baseball 1
Champions League Chrome Soccer 1
Champions League Finest 1
Champions League Museum Collection 1
Heritage Baseball 1
Gypsy Queen Baseball 1
Finest Baseball 1
Chrome Baseball Hobby 1
Bundesliga Chrome Soccer 1
WWE Summerslam 1
Series 1 Baseball Jumbo 2
Series 2 Baseball Jumbo 2
Bowman Baseball Hobby 2
Tier One Baseball 2
Museum Collection Baseball 2
Chrome Baseball Jumbos 2
Bowman Baseball Jumbos 2
Definitive 2
UFC Knockout 2
Bundesliga Museum Soccer 2
WWE Undisputed 2
Pack Wars
Pack Wars with Alan Narz is back!
It’s loud. It’s crazy. It’s a lot of fun.
To participate, come to the Topps booth at the designated times (see the show schedule on the floor), for a chance to win Topps prizes. Everyone who plays gets a free pack of cards.

Case breaks
Ever wanted to learn more about case breaks? Here’s your chance. Topps will host several case breakers at the booth throughout the show.
Stop by the Topps booth and see a case break live in action. Find the full schedule of case breaks at the booth.
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