Hi All,

My son and I are going to Wrigley for the first time as out-of-towers for the Tuesday 8/6 night game. Per the MLB Wrigley Information guide we plan on being there 2 hrs before game time when the gates open, and then have him camp out in the Magellan Kids Corral via section 112 for (hopeful) autographs. This seems pretty straight forward. But from what I read, adults aren’t allowed to be in the Corral with the kids...this makes it semi-problematic for him to choose the correct card to give to a player to sign, based on his age.

Does any Cubs fans have any other recommendations for high percentage autograph success for Wrigley Field? Recommendations that are super easy for an out-of-towner to follow, that is.

One autograph there would be good...but several, considering how rarely we get there, would be ideal and awesome.
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Thanks in advance!
PS... Got a David Bote TTM the other day!