A few questions,
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Are there any players that for sure use ghost signers? I know Nomar Mazara has been using a stamp this season, I got one back from him all smudged up and yet the outline of the stamp was still super clear hahaha

More importantly.... what I'm wondering is...

Do ghost signing and stamping really invalidate the "purity" and value of the signed item?

I ask this because, the players are still approving the inking of the item. If I let my wife sign my name on a check, the value of that check is only questionable if I were to personally choose to question it... otherwise it's just as good as if I signed it. Same should go for these items, no? If a player doesn't want to sign too many items wouldn't they just not sign or charge for them?

Another example: I realize the hobby is inundated with forgeries and fakes, but if a forgery were to pass PSA/DNA does that suddenly change the purity of the auto? There's no way to 100% guarantee a signature, right? So I feel like an autograph that's been approved for stamping or ghost signing holds just as much weight as a regular auto... maybe not... I don't know...