I have a sealed box of 2017-18 National Treasures First Off the Line that I’ve been holding on to. I plan on moving it and have a couple of solid offers from online dealers. Before taking one of those deals, I wanted to throw this out to you all.
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This offer would be for anyone in the Southern California area.

Boxes of these are currently listed as being on several online dealers for $2750. I PC Sacramento Kings, so my offer would be to sell you the box for $2000, with any Kings hits coming to me. We could meet at a mutually agreed upon public location to make the sale and open the box.

This is a win/win situation, as I’m basically buying the Kings for $750 and you’d be getting a chance at some really great cards that are still out there (Tatum/Mitchell/Ball). You also will be able to see in person that the box is sealed and legit, instead of the crapshoot of trying to save a couple bucks buying on eBay.

Please shoot me a message if interested!