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    Hi everyone!

    Since getting back into collecting in 2015 after a 15 year hiatus, I’ve been amazed and how the landscape of the sports card industry has changed; with an extremely supportive community.

    Since I don’t have a local card shop as I did when I was a kid, eBay has been my go-to for picking up my PC player, Peyton Manning - and I’ve used tools to help me follow multiple searches and pricing trends.

    Since I’m a software engineer, I decided a fun project would be to create my own version of these types of tools - something that I can use myself and share with the community.

    I just launched and would love your feedback! Some features I wanted to call-out:

    • Mobile-first experience: I wanted List to have a great user experience - no matter the device.
    • Minimal design, smooth animations: Subtle animations and whitespace-driven design throughout provide a great user experience without being too distractive.
    • Reorder search terms via a convenient drag ’n drop.
    • Inline search-term editing and refresh: Each search “panel” has a settings menu that allows you to edit, refresh, sort, or delete. I felt this was a great way to add more power to each term.
    • Local-storage persistence: Search terms are saved to a user’s device, so that later visits will always bring you right back to where you left off.
    • Changelog and feedback form: I want this tool to be a community-driven effort, so making visitors aware of new features and providing a way for them to leave feedback was incredibly important to me.

    List is built to work best in modern browsers. I have a bunch of new features I’m working on currently and am really excited for everyone to check it out. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

    P.S. For my tech friends - I used React for the frontend and a Lambda function to interact with the eBay API.


    How does this compare to tools like SortsOf?
    Tools like SortsOf were certainly an inspiration for this project. A common-theme I found with the existing ones I've tried were:
    • Lacking mobile experience: Since many were not responsive, I found it pretty hard to interact with on my phone (click targets were too small, scrolling was a dodgy experience). I also didn't want to have to download an app - as I felt things could be accomplished on the web.
    • No inline editing: There was nothing more frustrating than making a spelling mistake before adding a search, then to have to remove and re-type. Sometimes my searches were pretty specific, so being able to edit inline was a nice piece of user experience I wanted to solve.
    • No reordering: I would frequently have 10-15 searches across these tools and always wished there was a way to reorder them based on the priority I wanted them to take when I was using the tool.

    I built List because I thought it'd be a fun project to work on and am very excited to continue to make it better from both my own ideas and feedback from the community. I hope everyone enjoys it!
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    post is OK to stay.

    Interesting concept, what difference does this have vs. other tools like sortsof?
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    post is OK to stay.

    Interesting concept, what difference does this have vs. other tools like sortsof?

    Hi Scott,
    Thank you very much for your question! I went ahead and amended my original post with an answer to your question in the event anyone else that stops by has a similar one. Thanks again and have a great day!

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