I crushed a box of 2019-20 OPC. They reconfigured the product so that it's now only 18 packs with 10 cards (180), as opposed to 32 with 8 (256). This said, the price has also come down, which is great. The square retail boxes remain 36 packs. Just bonkers how many cards.

Not much to say about OPC, other than Upper Deck revived it in 2006. And, it has been rolling ever since. I have OPC cards going back to 1933, including the Howie Morenz. Just a set builder's dream.

-10 cards per pack, 18 packs per box

Base Set:
High Series SPs: 501-600
-50 Marquee Rookies
-31 Team Checklists
-10 Season Highlights
-9 League Leaders cards.

Box Break:
* 1 Gold Glossy Parallel
* 6 Blue Border Parallels
* 2 Retro Black Border Parallels
* 3 OPC Playing Cards Inserts
* 4 OPC Caramels Inserts (Minis/Tall Boys)
* 30 High-Series/Retro Cards (Marquee Rookie, Season Highlights, League Leaders, and/or Retro)
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Tougher pulls include 2019 Stanley Cup Final Moments (1:360 packs), In Action (1:1,152 packs), and Retro High Series Cup Captain (1:4,608 packs) cards.

Exclusive to Hobby boxes, the 100-card OPC Patches lineup highlights various trophy winners along with Hall of Fame logos and some O-Pee-Chee logo updates.

-Blue Border (1:3 H/F; 1:6 R/B),
-Gold Border Glossy (1:24 H/F; 1:48 R/B).
WRAPPER REDEMPTION PARALLEL: Red Border (5 per redemption pack).