Hey guys, I bought a lot recently and it had a bunch of hockey stuff in it. I started scanning in some of the cards and will be adding them into the SCF inventory and my personal inventory (hopefully) daily.
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So far I have seen cards from 74-75 Topps and some stuff from the 90's. Again, I will be adding pictures both here and on my personal inventory so please keep me in mind.

I collect Football cards and am looking for mostly Cowboys, or a few other players such as Drew Brees, Ladainian Tomlinson, Ray Lewis, Tom Brady, but have been know to make trades to set my self up to make a trade with someone else. (So I trade for stuff not on my trade list).

Here is what I have scanned in so far. I'm not against selling if you don't have any football cards but want something. Make an offer. If I have some interest, I will work harder on getting all of the Hockey stuff scanned in.

Currently entered: https://www.rookiesandmore.com/product-category/hockey/

Thanks Rich