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    .25 per pack, not bad even though it was only Golf

    Was out shopping with the wife and saw a drug store that was having a clearance sale and low and behold they had a bin full of packs that were only .25 a piece. they only had 2001 UD Golf in there so I bought 40 packs for $10. Not too bad. Don't even know what i am looking for if anything but still it was nice to buy a lot of packs for only $10. Kind of like the old days. Oh well, let me start ripping them open.

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    Originally posted by leftyshan
    Hey John-
    Did they have any more packs for $.25?
    They had probably 40-60 packs left.

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    Originally posted by hairston1315
    LMK if you pull a John Rollins card.Thanks
    Sorry, no Rollins in the packs

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    Did you get anything nice? I believe the Woods RC is $20.

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    Didn't get one Woods RC. Got tons of his other subset cards. Each pack came with a Tigers Tale card. Oh well, it was still fun to open though.

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    Originally posted by jon593
    will you list the break please
    Sorry, I already gave most of them away to my daughter. I have a bunch of Tigers Tales and some subset cards of Sergio Garcia, Tiger Woods and David Duval. Not much of anything else. She has them all.

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