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Thread: rookies FS James+

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    rookies FS James+

    these are the rookies and inserts from this year i have for sale right now

    UD Victory
    LEBRON JAMES (not for trade)
    Leandrinaho Barbosa
    jarvis hayes
    Zarko Cabarkapa
    Zoran Planinic
    Carlos Delfino
    TJ Ford
    Josh Howard
    Troy Bell
    Kirk Hinrich
    Dahntay Jones
    Boris Diaw-Riffiod
    Travis Outlaw
    Dwayne Wade
    Marcus Banks
    Alexander Pavlovic

    Point of difference insert (1:10)
    Dejuan Wagner
    Steve Nash
    Earl Boykins
    Chauncey Billups

    Monster Jams
    Kevin Garnett
    Vince Carter

    Allen Iverson

    Clutch Shooters
    Robert Horry
    Mike Bibby
    Paul Peirce
    Michael Jordan

    NBA All Stars
    Steve Francis
    Tim Duncan
    Jermaine O'Neal

    i also have pretty much every base card i am not trying to build the set so they are also for sale

    03-04 Ultra
    TJ Ford gold medallion
    Maciej Lampe
    Leandrinho Barboa

    lmk if anyone wants any of these

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    Im interested in the Dwayne Wade rc! What players do you collect? or how much do u wanna sell it for?

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    i would like to sell it for 5... no prices have come out as far as i know for victory.... lmk if you have other ideas..... right now i will only trade for a couple cards...... magglio ordonez gu... 00-02 UD MVP numbers 160 (iverson) and 201 (AJ Guyton i believe... will also trade for cheap gu or auto... lmk

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    $5 is going to be like its bv cant u sell for a little cheaper then the bv like $3

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    i will sell for three.... please pm me your information

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    do you still want this card??? i will sell for three dollars

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    will sell for 2.00 plus SASE... will also trade for magglio ordonez

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