Hi. I have an opportunity to take 50/50's (or consignments if needed) for former Chicago Bears tight end Zach Miller. Miller went to college at the University of Nebraska-Omaha (not Arizona State), was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars (not Oakland Raiders), and joined the Bears in 2014. He is not to be confused with the other Zach Miller, a tight end from Arizona State drafted by the Raiders who also played for the Seahawks.

Anyway, I am taking cards, 8x10's, mini helmets, balls, etc.

You are responsible for shipping both items to me with a SASE so that I can send it back. The signing is 22-Nov-2019, so you would need to get it to me before then.

All trades done in the Trade Manager.

If you want to do a consignment, you can let me know, probably about for a card or photo provided by you with SASE, a little more on a helmet or ball provided by you with SASE.
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Let me know