Greetings to everyone! I joined this forum seeking some advice. My husband was recently left a collector card collection. In collector books we have roughly 4000 baseball cards, 1500 basketball cards, 2000 football cards, 500 NASCAR cards, and 900 miscellaneous cards (TV and cartoon cards such as Batman, Star Trek, Little Mermaid, Xmen, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, and more). We also have a few thousand more cards that are in a box rather than in collector books.
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My husband and I know very little about collector cards, but suspect that some of these cards are worth some money. What can we do at this point to learn the values of the cards and determine what this collection may be worth, without getting taken? Any and all advice is appreciated! We are a little overwhelmed to say the least. Thanks for your thoughts!