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Thread: Nice Weekend so far...

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    Nice Weekend so far...

    heres my basketball pickups so far this weekend...

    Dirk Nowitzki 02-03 Genuine Prime Time Players Jersey (1:300) BV $30
    Reggie Miller 00-01 Topps Reserve Jersey BV $30
    Morris Peterson 01-02 SP Authentic SP Sinatures /390 BV $20
    Frank Williams 02-03 Inspirations Auto/RC Redeemed /1600 BV $12

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    Very interested in that Miller Jersey, if you'll trade it. Take a look at my page and see if there's anything you can use:


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    i'm really interested in the nowitzki jersey. check out my site and let me know if we can work out a trade.

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    i can use this from u
    Fizer, Marcus 00-01 SP Authentic Sign of the Times -$12

    i dont have ne autos for trade i just traded them away but i have this of eddie jones
    01-02 Fleer Showcase Legacy #6 #ed 27/50 books $50

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    Hey bdrr im intrested in the Frank Williams 02-03 Inspirations Auto/RC Redeemed /1600 BV $12 what would you be looking ofr in return lmk

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    zagrid- pm'ed ya

    hotsauce- i could use some of your $40 baseball jerseys, what would you need on top of it

    I3ulls4us- are you offering me that straight up?

    bigtime collector- id be looking for another auto of equal value

    thanx for your replies!

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    yeah cause i dont have ne autos for trade at this time if u r willing to trade ur auto for it

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    if you really want to do that....go ahead and email me at

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