By this message, only want to tell my story .
As a collector outside of US, i was using COMC mailbox to receive some of my cards. I'm also making some grading with my cards to PSA, and use the mailbox to get them at a less expensive price for shipping.
On April 2019, I have sent 11 cards for grading to PSA, only small cards and regulars :


Happy with some grading but not with other...
PSA have sent the cards to my mailbox and COMC sent a photo to me with my 11 cards received.

The lot was inscribed as batch #7075095, and was due in June 2019 to my mailbox.
But the batch was still pending, and only a part of those cards appears to be ready to ship in my mailbox. 4 cards were missing : all the PSA 10 in the list above...
I have sent the 10th of June a mail to COMC to get some informations ; here it is :

Received some cards to my ComC box, a month ago.
Only a few of my cards are available, and the batch is still in progress...
Is there a problem with some of my cards ?
When the batch is expected to end ?

Thanks for informations you can give me.

Best Regards.

and here is the response i have received :

Christopher Thornton, Jun 17, 11:00 PDT

Hello Bertrand,

Thank you for contacting us and for bringing this issue to our attention. There were unusual notes accompanying this transaction, and, after following up with our processing manager, it appears that four of the items cannot be accounted for:

2017-18 Panini Sticker Collection Tony Parker
2017-18 Panini Sticker Collection James Harden (All-Star)
2017-18 Panini Sticker Collection James Harden (Base)
2017-18 Panini Sticker Collection Kevin Durant (Foil?)

We have investigated this transaction thoroughly and unfortunately have reached a dead end regarding locating these items in our inventory. We sincerely apologize for this error on our part, and would like to offer you $50.00 in COMC Credit as compensation for these lost items. Please met me know if this would be an acceptable amount to credit to you.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.


Chris Thornton

The compensation offer was not really honest due to to the prejudice, but also only the price for grading cards was about 20 US$ per card... I was asking some more money to compensate the loss of my cards.
I have sent many mail to COMC, with no answer of them.
Get one answer , on September 18th :

Joseph Highfill, Sep 18, 08:45 PDT

My apologies Bertrand,

Your response from June 22 for some reason was not tied to the email thread for this issue and was missed completely. I have passed your information along to Christopher so that he may review your counter proposal and take care of the issue.
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Please let us know if you have further questions.

Have a great day,

Joe Highfill

But since now i have no more answer from Christopher or other member of the staff...
Searching some more cards to my collection, i found on Ebay one of my cards : the Durant PSA10...In fact the card (and the other 3 ) are on sale on COMC, as i was writing this mail...
for example the Parker PSA10...

All cards are sold by the same seller, pseudo sewall.
He seems to have a virtual sportscards shop, on COMC, Ebay, and a facebook page.
I have tried to contact him to have some informations about my 4 cards which are sold on his account.

Now, i know my cards are not "lost", i'll try to get them back. It will be impossible.
I'm very disappointed by this lack of communication, and how COMC manage my case : no response to mail, bad communication, and what is the link between some seller and the company...??
Perhaps some of you have had the same problem, or know someone to contact which can help me ?
Only want to share my story, and diffuse it through sportscards forum.
Hope it will help other collector.