While digging through one of my 5000 count boxes I came across a few 1986-87 Fleer basketball cards.

Unfortunately, there was no Jordan rookie card.
What I did find were these:

1986-87 Fleer 86 Sam Perkins BV$6.00
1986-87 Fleer 14 Joe Barry Carroll BV$2.00
1986-87 Fleer 46 Roy Hinson BV$2.00
1986-87 Fleer 11 Rolando Blackman BV$2.50
1986-87 Fleer 89 Kurt Rambis BV$2.00

If anybody needs any of these LMK. I don't collect basketball cards, but if you have a few Bob Sura cards, I'll take whatever you have. He's a local boy.