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    Game used and autographs ft

    ****Penguins game used and autographs ****

    Evgeni Malkin
    05-06 ITG H&P number ((blue/red/white) gun89 bv120 (vault)
    15-16 Trilogy patch 16/28 (white/black/tan) #69 bv100
    09-10 O-Pee-Chee Premier Remnants patch 10/25 “SIA” (black/white/black-tan) bv80
    13-14 Dominion quad Q-PIT 7/50 Malkin(white)/Fleury(blk)/Despres(white)/Bennett(tan) bv60
    10-11 Artifacts 31/35 TS-EM (white/white) bv50
    15-16 Artifacts jersey/patch 15/75 (tan/white) #88 bv50
    15-16 UD Portfolios dual materials pm2-em (white/white) bv40

    Beau Bennett
    13-14 SPX arbb auto bv50
    13-14 National Treasures patch/auto (black) 21/99 #133 bv40
    13-14 Fleer Showcase red glow patch/auto 15/27 (white) #179 bv40
    13-14 Prizm auto a-bb bv30
    13-14 Dominion 35/50 #pp-bb patch/auto (white-black-tan) bv30
    13-14 Contenders patch/auto 27/100 #270 (black-tan) bv30
    13-14 Ultimate debut threads patch (tan-black-white) 3/100 udt-bb bv25
    13-14 Crown Royale Silhoutte patch 6/99 (black-white) #140 bv25
    13-14 Artifacts Top 12 auto rs-bb bv25
    13-14 SPX jersey/auto #172 (black/white) bv20
    13-14 Dominion patch/auto #180 138/299 (black-white) bv20
    13-14 Dominion patch/auto #180 282/299 (black-white) bv20
    13-14 Ovation auto #4 bv20 (2)
    13-14 Dominion jersey/auto #111 (whitex2-blackx2) 145/199 bv15
    13-14 National Treasures dual jersey/auto dm-bb (tan-black) bv15
    13-14 SP Authentic auto rc 593/999 #288 bv15
    13-14 Contenders auto rc #270 bv12

    Daniel Sprong
    15-16 UD Premier auto r-8 25/49 bv80
    15-16 UD Ultimate auto jersey (black) #106 48/149 bv30
    15-16 Fleer Showcase patch/auto #149 94/499 (black-white) bv30
    15-16 OPC Platinum auto #183 bv30
    15-16 SPX jersey/auto 327/399 (black) spxr-ds bv25
    15-16 UD Ice auto IPA-DS 119/499 BV25
    15-16 SPX jersey/auto #150 (black-black) bv25 (2)
    15-16 SPX jersey/auto #150 (black-white) bv25
    15-16 OPC Platinum rainbow auto #183 bv25
    15-16 Trilogy auto #154 110/199 bv15
    15-16 Trilogy auto #154 226/499 bv12

    Olli Maatta
    13-14 Crown Royale Silhouette patch/auto (black-tan) 70/99 #188 bv60
    13-14 Fleer Showcase patch/auto 124/175 (white-black-tan-black) #172 bv50
    14-15 Anthology dual jersey (black)Pouliot(black) 99/99 dc-37 bv30
    13-14 Certified red jersey clear cloth 28/100 (black) cl-om bv30
    13-14 Certified red jersey roll call rr-om (black) bv25
    13-14 Certified blue jersey clear cloth (white-tan) 2/25 bv20
    15-16 Artifacts patch/jersey #49 (white/black/white) 68/75 bv15

    Derick Pouliot
    14-15 Fleer Showcase red glow patch/auto 19/27 (white) #185 bv60
    14-15 The Cup Signature Swatches 6/99 (white-black-tan) sp-dp bv25

    ********GAME USED********
    Ray Bourque (white) bm-32 9/10 copies $30
    All-Time enshrined Bourque(black)/Elway(white) 20/25 ate-03 $20

    ITG Used
    Hakan Loob The Final Curtain (red/white) 3/5 copies tfc-08 $20

    UD Team Canada
    Boris Katchouk (white)#136 bv20

    ITG Heroes and Prospects
    Nick Merkley Canada vs Russia 2/25 cr-17 (red-white w/seam) bv20
    Max Jones gu-20 (red-white w/seam) 16/25 $20
    Max Jones gu-20 (red-purple-white) 5/10 $30

    ITG Used
    Steve Larmer gup-41(red/black/white w/seam) 2/8 copies $20

    Leaf Genesis
    Deven Siederoff epic materials “ERS” 1/2 EMP17 $30

    Upper Deck Portfolio
    Jack Eichel profiles quad jersery (white x4) pm4-je bv100
    Dylan Larkin profiles quad jersey (red x4) pm4-dl bv80
    Robby Fabri profiles quad jersey (drk blux2-lgt blu x2) pm4-rf bv30
    PK Subban profiles sixes jersey (3 red-3 white) pm6-pk $80

    UD Premier
    Malcolm subban (black) r20 bv30

    Upper Deck Ultimate
    Debut Threads Malcome Subban dt-ms (white) 46/149 bv30

    UD Exquisite
    Rookies Ryan Hartman 173/299 (white) r-rh bv15

    UD Black
    Sixes Relic Booklets
    Hellebuyck(blk)/Subban(blk)/Bibeau(blue)/Lindberg(blue)/Weal(blk)/Samuelsso(burg) 6r-rc4 bv60

    SP Game Used
    Winter Classic puck (black) James Van Riemsdyk wcgup-jr $100
    (Bernier from this set books at $100 and Alfredsson/JVR doesn’t)

    Udeck SPX
    Trios Drouin (blue)/Nurse (blue)/Wennberg (blue) rpm3-dnw bv30

    ITG Heroes and Prospects
    Top Prospects GU Patch /5 copies tpm-02 (CHL LOGO) Laurent Dauphin $75
    Subway series gold /10 copies Sam Bennett (wht-red-blk w/lotsoseam) ssm-15 $60
    Subway Series gold /10 copies Morgan Klimchuk jersey red/black/white w/ a lot of seam $40
    Subway Series patch Sebastien Auger red/black/white w/seam bv30 vault
    Subway Series patch Anthony Duclair (white) ssm-03 bv40 vault
    Top Prospects Game Nick Sorensen (red/blk/wht) tmp-26 bv15
    Subway Series Nicolas Petan (red/black w/seam) ssm-17 bv20
    Subway Series Nicolas Petan (blk/white w/seam) ssm-17 bv20
    Jersey Nick Sorensen (red/tan w/seam) m-27 bv20

    ITG Used
    Past/Present/Future Robitaille(purple)/Marleau(teal)/Dal Colle(black) ppf-02 bv20 vault

    ITG Between The Pipes
    Big League Debut bld-14 Don Beaupre (wht-black w/seam) bv18 vault

    Panini Certified
    Goalie Pulls 14/25 Robin Lehner (red) bv25
    Fabric Of The Game 13/25 patch Jonathan Bernier (silver/black) bv20

    Panini Limted
    Limited Travels Ondrej Pavalec 24/49 dual patch (wht-blk)(blue-black w/seam) td-op bv20

    Panini Prime
    Gloves James Van Riemsdyk #8 (black) 4/25 bv30

    Crown Royale
    Silhouette Keith Primeau #11 22/25 (white/silver) bv25

    ITG Between The Pipes
    Jersey gold /10 copies Francois Tremblay (grn/blk)$30
    Jersey gold /10 copies Kevin Bailie (blu/red/wht)$30
    Game used Patch Storm Phaneuf (B) bv20
    Jersey Cole Cheveldave (Orange/grey/blue w/seam) bv24
    Jersey Eric Comrie (2) (blue/white w/seam) bv15
    Jersey JP Anderson (2) (blue/white w/seam) bv16
    Masked Men jersey Garth Snow (white/black) bv25

    ITG Heroes and Prospects
    Subway Series GU Patch /5 copies Sean Monahan (“CH Canadian lettering) $100 vault
    Subway Series Gold /10 copies Clapperton (red/white/black w/ a lot of seam) ssm18 $40
    Subway Series Gold /10 copies Derrick Pouliot (red/white/black w/ a lot of seam) ssm-31 $40
    Subway Series Silver /30 Seth Griffith (red/black/white w/seam) bv30
    Subway Series Silver /30 Ryan Murphy (red/black/white w/seam) bv30
    Jersey Frederic Gauthier (blue/grey/black w/big ol seam) m-13 bv25 vault
    Jersey Justin Bailey silver (blue-white w/seam) m-03 bv15 vault
    Quad jersey Dumba(wht)/Murray(grn)/Reilly(blk)/Reinhart(red) qj-09 bv25 vault
    Quad jersey Faksa(wht)/Murphy(blu)/Bailey(blu)/Puempel(blk) qj-02 bv25

    ITG Draft Prpsoects
    Past Present and Future Kurri (white)/Lehtonen (white)/Barkov (white) bv40 vault
    Past and Future S.Niedermayer (teal)/Seth Jones (white) pf-10 bv25 vault

    Donruss Elite
    Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (orange) #42 bv30

    ITG Heroes and Prospects
    Jersey gold /10 copies Liam Liston (red-blk w/seam) bv22 vault
    Subway Super Series emblem silver /3 copies Lucas Lessio (white/black/white) $30 vault
    Subway Super Series number black /6 copies Maxime Legace (wht-red-blk) ssm12 $30 vault
    Jersey gold /10 copies Brendan Ranford grey/orange w/seam $20
    Jersey gold /10 copies Adam Lowry white/blue w/seam $20
    Jersey Gold /10 copies Radek Faksa (red/white/black w/seam) m-56 $50
    Subway Series Trios Nazem Kadri (red/black seam)/Zack Kassian (white)/Brayden Schenn (red) bv45
    Quad Ryan Strome/D.Hamilton/F.Hamilton/Mark Visentin all white bv30

    Donruss Rookie showcase
    Jordan Eberle (blue) 18/250 JE BV30

    Duchene(burg)/Stastny(white)/Galiardi(burg) #5 bv20

    ITG Captain C
    Junior Captain gold /10 copies Patrick O'Sullivan red/grey/black w/seam $20

    ITG Decades 1980s
    GU Emblem black /6 copies Tony Tanti m-08 (red-blk-wht) $50 vault
    Jersey silver Rick Middleton (black-yellow) m-55 bv20 vault

    ITG Between The Pipes
    GU Number gold 1/1 Mike Brodeur (white-black-red tiered) m-42 $75 vault
    Jersey Gold /10 copies Keith Hamilton red/black $30 vault
    Jersey silver Keith Hamilton (black/white) bv15 vault
    Golden Goalies Dwayne Roloson (white-black w/seam) gg-19 bv15 vault

    ITG Heroes and Prospects
    Heroes Memorabilia Patrick Roy (white) hm-02 bv40 vault
    Jersey Sean Couturier (black) m-44 bv30
    Jersey Logan Couture (red) m-29 bv20 vault
    Prospect Trios Jacob Markstrom (yellow)/Keaton Ellerby (red)/Erik Gudbranson (red) bv30 vault

    ITG heroes and Prospects
    Subway Series Tyler Seguin (white/red w/seam) ssm35 bv30 vault
    Subway Series silver Tyler Seguin (red/black w/seam) ssm35 bv30 vault
    Subway Super Series number silver /3 copies Erik Gudbransson (black/white) ssm18 $30 vault
    Emblem silver /3 copies Riley Boychuk (yellow/black feather) m-26 $30 vault
    Number silver /3 copies Jonathan Blum (silver/red/white) m-20 $30 vault
    Number silver /3 copies Ben Duffy (red/blue) m-23 $30 vault
    Emblem gold 1/1 Peter Holland (grey-red-wht-blk-slvr) m-10 $80 vault
    Jersey Silver Scott Glennie (wht-ylw-blk) m-07 bv25 vault

    ITG Between The Pipes
    Glove Save Ryan Miller (black) /30 copies gs-26 bv50 vault

    ITG Canada vs The World
    Tony Amonte jersey gold /10 (red-grey) imm-09 $15 vault

    ITG Between The Pipes
    Emblem Gold 1/1 Daren Machesney gue20 (burg/silver/black logo) $75
    Emblem /3 copies Peter Delmas (blue/black/white) gue-05 $30 vault
    Number /19 copies Josh Unice (blue/red) bv20 vault
    GU jersey Steve Mason (red/white) Guj-21 bv60 vault

    ITG Heroes and Prospects
    Prospect Combos Doughty(white)/Lashoff(black) bv30
    Heroes Ryan Getzlaf (teal) hm04 bv30 vault

    ITG Heroes and Prospects
    Number David Leneveu white/black/grey w/seam bv30 vault
    Number Stefan Legin blue/white/black w/seam bv25 vault
    Number Mikhail Grabovski white/red/blue w/seam bv40 vault

    ITG Between The Pipes
    Dan Cloutier complete jersey strap(wht)/jersey(blue)/emblem(red-blu-slv)/number(wht-red) cj26 $80 vault
    Emblem gold /10 copies cce-13 Kevin Nastiuk (black/purple/white) top prospects emblem $30 vault

    ITG O’Canada
    GU Emblem Kim St-Pierre (white w/A letter) gue-38 bv60 vault

    Upper Deck Sweet Shot
    Sweet Beginnings 416/599 rc jersey Jonathan Bernier (purple/purple/black) bv30

    ITG Going For The Gold
    Number Andrew Cogliano red/black/white w/seam bv50 vault
    Bryan Little gold version (2) guj-17 (red/white) bv30 vault
    Katie Weatherston jersey guj-19 (white-black) bv30 vault

    Rick Nash (blue x2) wm-rn 31/99 bv40

    ITG Heroes and Prospects
    All star emblem gold /10 Martin St. Pierre red/black/white $30 vault
    GU Number Bobby Ryan(red) gun-49 bv40 vault
    GU Number Nicholas Drazenovic (white) gun48 bv25 vault
    GU Number (teal/black/red w/seam) Tysen Dowzak bv25 vault
    Jersey gold /10 Marek Schwarz black/grey/white w/seam $30 vault

    ITG Between The Pipes
    Playing For Your Country Jonathan Bernier (white/black) bv40 vault

    Upper Deck Game Jersey
    Nikolai Khabibulin SP (white) j2nk bv80
    Nikolai Khabibulin SP (red) j2nk bv80
    Nikolai Khabibulin SP (black) j2nk bv80

    ITG Heroes and Prospects
    Nameplates gold 1/1 Tyler Mosienko (blk-red-wht-red-black tiered) $75 VAULT
    Spectrum Brett Hull (red)/Perry (wht-teal)/Schremp (blk) stm-04 /10 copies $50 vault
    GU Number Alexander Mogilny gun-95 (white-black w/seam) bv25
    GU Emblem Brett Sutter gue-70 (blk-wht-blue-brn) bv20 vault
    GU Emblem Kendal Mcardle gue-33 (wht/blk/purple) bv20 vault

    Between The Pipes
    Net Prospects Jason Labarbera (blue-red w/seam) np-10 bv15 vault

    ITG Franchises Canadian
    Double Memorabilia Joe Mullen jersey (red)/stick(white) dm-16 bv40 vault

    ITG Between The Pipes
    Net Prospects Michael Garnett (white-black) np-21 bv15

    ITG Heroes and Prospects
    Gold jersey /10 copies Trent Hunter (white-black w/seam) $30 vault

    Making the Bigs Jason Spezza (white/white) bv50 vault
    Brightest Stars Jason Spezza (black) bv50 vault
    Brightest Stars Dany Heatley (maroon) bv40 vault

    ITG Used
    Oh Canada Brendan Shanahan (blue) bv40
    Emblem /9 Sergei Samsonov (3 clr tiered) $50 vault

    Parkhurst Rookie
    Vintage Royalty gold /10 copies Sergei Samsonov (white/blk) vr-6 $40 vault

    ITG Action
    Joe Sakic (white) m-196 bv60 vault
    Ales Hemsky (white/blue) m-109 bv20 vault
    Jason Allison (grey/black w/seam) m-92 bv20 vault

    Netminders Dan Blackburn (blue) n-9 bv40

    Jersey Rob Blake (grey-blue) gj-38 bv25 vault

    BAP First Edition
    NHL Debut Keith Tkachuk (white) nd-19 bv25 vault
    Markus Naslund (blue/silver w/seam) bv22

    ITG Used
    Triple memorabilia gold /10 copies Rob Blake jersey(white)/glove(blk)/stick(blk) tm-18 $75

    BAP All-Star
    as-26 Simon Gagne (blue) bv25 vault
    as-29 Milan Hejduk (red) bv25 vault

    BAP Memorabilia
    Simon Gagne AS jersey (blue) bv25 vault
    All-Star triple jersey Brendan Shanahan (wht-blk-blk) astj-19 bv30 vault

    BAP Signature Series
    Franshise Joe Thornton (yellow) fj-3 bv40 vault
    Franchise Players Joe Thornton (white) fp-03 bv40 vault

    BAP Between The Pipes
    Goalie Tandems Martin Biron (grey)/Mika Noronen (red) gt-g bv25 vaullt

    ITG Original Six
    Nikolai Antropov (white) tm5 bv25 vault

    Pacific Private Stock
    John Leclair patch(orange-black) 66/158 bv40

    Bap Signature Series
    Stick Jersey GSJ-30 Zigmund Palffy (blk)/(blu-wht-blk) bv25
    Stick Jersey gsy-2 Rostislav Klesla (blue)/(ylw-red-blk) bv25
    Game Jersey gj-18 Chris Drury (white) bv25 vault
    Game Jersey gj-30 Ziggy Palffy (black) bv25 vault
    Game jersey gj-79 Chris Chelios (red) bv25 vault

    Bap Memorabilia Series
    Stanley Cup Quarter Finals Palffy (purple) bv25 vault
    Tough Customers tc-30 Oliwa (blk-red)/Cairns (white) bv25 vault

    500 Goal Scorers Dave Andreychuk (yellow) pgs-14 bv25 vault
    500 Goal Scorers Dino Ciccarelli (white) pgs-10 bv25 vault

    Between The Pipes
    Future Wave Kiprusoff(white-grey w/seam)/Nabokov(teal) fw-07 bv30 vault
    Travel Plans Roman Turek (white/white) bv20 vault
    Jersey Jeff Hackett (white) gj-23 bv20 vault

    Be A Player Signature Series
    Keith Tkachuk In The Numbers /10 copies (tan-burg) in40 $40 vault
    Jeff Friesen (teal) bv25 vault
    Scott Niedermayer (red) J09 BV25 VAULT
    Department of Defense Adam Foote (burgundy) dd-14 bv20 vault

    BAP Memorabilia
    AS Emblem Curtis Joseph e-40 (purple/grey/white/grey/purple/grey) bv60 vault
    Jersey Mats Sundin j-2 all star(red) bv20 vault

    Upper Deck CHL Hot Prospects
    Dan Blackburn j-db (purple) 32/75 bv30
    Jordin Tootoo f-ft (white) bv40

    BAP Memorabilia Rookie/Update Set
    All-Star Teammates Shanahan (blk)/Fedorov (black) bv40 vault

    Calle Rosen XVII 114/150 bv20

    SP Game Used
    Nikita Scherbak #135(b) jersey(red) bv50

    UD Premier
    Tyler Motte SSR-TM 46/99 (white-red) bv50

    Parkhurst Rookie Parade
    Tom Kuhnhackl RP20 (2) BV50

    UD Ultimate Debut Threads
    Mark Mcneill DT-MC 46/99 (white-black-red-yellow) 46/99 bv30

    ITG Heroes and Prospects
    Brett Davis PS-BD1 5/30 BV20

    OPC Platinum
    Ronalds Kenins rainbow #177 bv15
    Ryan Hartmann #174 rainbow bv20
    Ryan Hartman R73 blue rainbow (3) bv25

    Ryan Hartman #182 23/49 bv30

    Upper Deck Premier
    R-8 Daniel Sprong 23/49 bv80
    #60 Christoph Bertschy 41/399 bv20
    #61 Stanislav Galiev 14/399 bv20

    UD Ultimate
    Nick Cousins rookie auto/jersey (white) 92/149 bv20
    Sam Bennett US-SB BV50

    UDeck Portfolio
    Zachary Fucale Black and White auto #333 bv50
    Michael Mccarron #325 (2) bv50
    Nicolas Petan auto #233 (2) bv25
    Christoph Bertschy #212 bv25
    Daniel Carr #246 bv25
    This Ad will be removed when you a member of

    UD Ultimate
    Chris Wideman #79 15/299 bv20
    Ryan Hartman #100 44/299 bv25
    Ryan Hartman #100 170/299 bv25

    Panini Anthology
    Malcolm Subban CCA-MS 33/75 (black) bv60

    UD Black Lustrous Signatures
    Patrick Sharp BS-PS 78/99 BV30

    Panini Contenders
    Peluso/Trouba/Rask/Pickard bv30
    Peluso/Trouba/Rask/Pickard 10/20 bv50
    Jensen/Schroeder/Corrado/Fasth/Pitlick/Arcobello bv20

    Nail Yakupov jersey/auto (white) 152/199 bv40
    Johan Gustafsson (black) 17/199 bv15
    Mark Cundari #111 192/299 bv8

    ITG Between The Pipes
    Nikita Serebryakov a-ns bv12 vault
    Doug Soetaert a-ds bv8 vault

    ITG Heroes and Prospects
    Sam Bennett a-sb bv25
    Jake Virtanen a-jv bv15
    Kerby Rychel bv10
    Jeremey Gregoire bv10
    Josh Morrissey a-jm bv10
    Nikolay Goldobin bv10 vault
    Adam Ollas Mattsson a-ao bv8 vault

    Panini Limited
    Mat Clark auto/jersey Phenoms 9/25 bv20

    Fleer Retro
    Dion Phaneuf skybox auto 96-ph bv25

    Luxury Suite
    Mike Connolly (blue) 42/99 #64 bv15

    ITG Between The Pipes
    Jim Carey sp a-jca bv25 vault
    Jim Carey sp a-jca bv25

    ITG Heroes and Prospects
    Derrick Pouliot A-DP BV15
    Ryan Murphy a-rmu sp bv15 vault
    Anton Zlobin bv10
    Seth Griffith bv20
    Adam Lowry bv12 vault
    Henrik Samuelsson bv10
    Zach O’Brein a-zo bv10 vault

    ITG Draft
    Zachary Fucale a-zf2 bv40 vault
    Jeremy Gregoire a-jg2 bv10 vault

    Greg Nemisz #214 (white-black) 19/25 bv30

    Greg Nemisz (white-black) 39/60 #11 bv25
    Brendan Smith (red-white) 55/60 #29 bv40

    Henrique/Larsson NHL Ink #6 bv40

    ITG Heroes and Prospects
    Derrick Pouliot a-dpo bv20
    Adam Larsson bv25
    Mikhail Grigorenko bv50
    Ryan Murray bv20

    Matt Calvert #612 auto (2) bv20
    Brandon Pirri #651 (4) bv12

    ITG Heroes and Prospects
    Jonathan Huberdeau (2) bv40 vault
    Sean Couturier a-sc bv40 vault
    Luca Ciampini (3) bv20
    Mark Visintin bv12 vault
    Martin Frk bv25

    UD Ice
    Riku Helenius 19/35 FTRH (BLACK) BV25

    ITG Heroes and Prospects
    Andrej Nestrasil bv12 vault
    Brandon Kozun bv15 vault
    Kevin Lalonde bv12 vault

    ITG Between The Pipes
    Edward Pasquale Auto/jersey black /6 copies maep (burg/black w/seam) $75

    ITG Canada vs The World
    Jonas Hiller auto a-jhi bv30 vault

    UD Black
    Nikita Filatov (o) 2/99 #104 bv60

    Nikita Filatov (blue x2) #159 184/999 bv12

    Sweet Shot Puck Signings
    Peter Mueller ssp-mu bv12

    Itg Going For The Gold
    Cassie Campbell (2) bv60 vault

    UD Rookie Update Rookie Inspirations
    Wolski/Smyth 110/499 bv25

    Itg Franchises
    Mighty Ducks Guy Hebert a-ghe bv25 vault
    Kings Bernie Nichols a-bn1 (2) bv12 vault

    ITG H&P
    Martin Kariya a-mk bv20

    BAP Memorabilia
    Jersey/auto Marian Gaborik /10 copies (green) gj-mg $100 vault

    Luxury Suite
    Milan Michalek puck/auto 271/299 bv40

    Bap Signature Series
    Martin Prusek gold bv15 vault
    Jeff Friesen sp #109 bv20 vault
    Martin Havlat auto gold #67 bv15 vault

    Bap Signature Series
    Gold Jason Allison sp LJAL BV25
    Martin Havlat #140 bv10 vault

    BAP Signature Series
    Joe Nieuwendyk gold #45 bv40

    BAP Millenium
    Nikolai Antropov #224 bv25 vault

    BAP Signature Series
    Gold Adam Deadmarsh #36 bv15 vault
    Gold Dave Manson #67 bv12 vault
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    Hey, any chance i can get a Pic of this card?
    AS Emblem Curtis Joseph e-40 (purple/grey/white/grey/purple/grey) bv60 vault

    Who or what are you looking for in return? Penguins?? Cheers

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    List has been edited

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    St Louis Blues
    COMC Cards For Sale Upper Deck ePack

    Do I have anything in my traders you'd like for these?
    Gear patch 8/25 Brian Elliott (white) bv15
    Franchise Chris Pronger (white) fj26 bv20 vault
    Jersey Chris Pronger j-7 all star (purple/silver w/seam) bv30 vault
    Blues Wayne Babych a-wb bv20 vault
    Wanted: Blues #'d, AU, GU. Especially Federko, CuJo, Hull, MacInnis, Demitra, Tarasenko
    My Traders on Flickr - Hidden Content
    My Hidden Content Store (Everything Here Not For Trade)

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    pms sent out

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    HI (52)

    Thanksgiving trading anybody?

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