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Joe Steet, Head Gaming Buyer at Dave & Adam’s, recently purchased four vintage gaming boxes valued at over $65,000! Joe purchased three Pokemon Neo 4 Destiny 1st Edition Booster boxes as well as a Magic the Gathering Beta Collector’s Edition Gift Set. Joe was so excited he could barely contain his excitement!
THREE Pokemon Neo 4 Destiny 1st Edition Booster BoxesPokemon Neo 4 Destiny 1st Edition Booster Box
THREE boxes of Neo Destiny 1st Edition just in! This is one of the most sought after sets in existence! Only Skyridge and Base Set 1st are in higher demand than this. 1st Edition Shinings in PSA 10 have been on the rise, and loose booster packs have been selling for up to $600 each! $600 x 36 = $21,600, and these boxes are super crisp investment quality, so they are a steal at 20k! Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of Pokemon history!

Beta Collector’s Edition Gift SetMagic the Gathering Beta Collector’s Edition Set
“Collector’s Edition is a square-cornered, gold-backed reprint of the Beta set of Magic the Gathering. Only 10,000 of these were produced, and another 5,000 of the International Collector’s Edition, making them pretty extremely rare to still find sealed! Unlike a booster pack, each box contains EVERY card from the Beta Set, so there’s a Black Lotus and the rest of the power 9, plus all 10 dual lands! Between casual play and 93/94 Old School events allowing these cards, the pricing and value of CE and IE cards have been skyrocketing in the past few years! Don’t miss your chance to buy a piece of Magic history!

Magic the Gathering Beta Collector's Edition Gift Set - Sealed (EX-MT Box)

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