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Thread: What Box to Buy?

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    What Box to Buy?

    My birthday is coming up soon and I need advice on which box is the best deal. Meaning which box can you get the most for your money?

    2003 SPX Baseball for $102
    2003 Leaf Certified for $129
    2003 UD Patch Collection for $70
    2003 SP Authentic for $88

    Please LMK cause I need to buy it quick to get it shipped in time for my birthday. Thanks in advance.

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    2003 Leaf Certified Materials is great, you get 4 game used and/or autographs in a box plus serial numbered, rookies, etc. I was at a card store once and the owner opened a box and got an autograph numbered to 5! Try that one, there are so many great pulls.

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    go for Bowman Chrome -- it's about $60-75

    lots of goodies in there, RCs, etc.

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    I'm having the same problem trying to decide. I think I might save up and buy a box each of Leaf Certified and SPX. Where have you seen the lowest prices for these? I know had Certified at $129 a box, which is one of the highest I've seen online...they usually have the best prices, kinda strange.

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    I don't know about the spx. I bought quite a few packs of those and have yet to pull anything worth a crap. I haven't bought any of the Leaf certified, but it seems really popular and there has been a ton of autos, GU, and limited number cards from this set on ebay.

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    At a big show I went to on Saturday, the going price for Leaf Certified baseball was $110, and SPX was around $90. I have said it before, check around, since I have found is often suprisingly high on many items.

    My pick would be the Leaf also, even though I love SP and SPX. The last box of SP Baseball I broke was a shame, best card was a Jim Edmonds auto, two crappy # rookies, and a bunch of junk. Cost = $85.00.

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    Alright Thanks for your opinions does anyone know a good site for these boxes I was just using as a reference. Thanks.

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    I was IM'ing with someone last night and he said Leaf Certified boxes can be around $80. He didn't say where they were that low and i didn't think to ask. Maybe ebay.
    I just ordered a jumbo box of '03 Bowman because of 3 game used/autos per box.

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    $80 for Leaf Certified baseball?!!! Sign me up! That's a pretty darn good price...Chipper, that's what we were just talking about- They have good prices on a lot of stuff, but on many popular items they've sent the prices way up--Their price for Leaf Certified was $129, the highest I've seen online.


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