I don't trade much on this site but thought I would try to give it go after awhile not looking for a trade. I will trade for Tim Duncan cards (no collegiate cards), Deron Williams and 1990-91 Hoops cards of Mark Jackson. I have a number of all of these cards already(probably few hundred of the Jackson card alone) but just trying to trade away some stuff I have no interest in for cards of these guys. I mainly collected basketball during the 80's and 90's. I might buy an occasional pack or box but I will not have anything newer to trade most likely in basketball. I ship only to a US address, any card you trade and I send must be in sleeve and toploader, and will need to see pictures of whatever we trade before I agree to anything. I do have have other sports available but not a ton of stuff from the last few years. I would prefer a bigger trade instead of a few card trade. I trade by sell value. I am willing to negotiate a little here and there. I know the Mark Jackson card fluctuates alone. Books in double figures and usually sells for a few bucks. Have seen a single copy sell for , than , than next day 5 card lot of them for . If you have a ton of Duncan, Williams, or the Jackson Hoops card laying around drop me a line and sure we can work something out. Just looking for some low end trading and trying to make it fun on my end. If you have a certain player, team, or card you are looking for let me know. Thanks -Mark
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