Just got home this evening from 4 days in Fargo ND U.S.A. My boy wss in a hockey tournament there.
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On the drive down from Winnipeg, I used the opportunity to stop at my USA parcel depot address to pickup 1 parcel box and 12 bubble envelopes that had piled up since as early as September 2019.

The box had approx. 40 singles inside, and the envelopes were mostly 1 card per, with a couple of exceptions.

Total # of singles added to my collection today was 57 cards!

4 for the 2002-03 Parkhurst Retro set and 53 for the "BAP & ITG" p.c.

I spent the last three hours scanning (intermittetly, while getting laundry done and cooking supper). I hope you guys enjoy the show.

I'll do a catch-up cumulative show and tell once I rename the files to their proper order.

And of course, you knew that some Parkie Retros had to be in there! Total of 687 unique singles on that project now.