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An 86-year-old fan at Saturday's University of Mississippi's basketball game sent the crowd wild after she sank a 94-foot putt to win herself a new car.

Mary Ann Wakfield, a longtime Ole Miss fan, was among hundreds who had packed the university's stadium The Pavilion to see them face off against the University of Alabama.

All that Wakfield, a great-grandmother and mother of seven, needed to do to win a new car was sink a putt across the entire length of the court at the stadium during a promotional segment.

The golf ball she struck rolled 94 feet from one end line to the other before dropping into a flag-marked hole.

The crowed erupted into applause as Wakfield flashed an astonished grin and clapped a hand over her head.

Her prize for the long-distance putt: a 2020 Nissan Altima from a local auto dealer.