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Thread: New for trade 04 Sp Game Used

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    New for trade 04 Sp Game Used

    I will trade only for Kobe ,Shaq and Lakers GU for GU and inserts for inserts. These are for trade:

    !) Shane Battier Authentic Patches (4 color) 99/100
    2)Drew Gooden All-Star Apparel 95/100
    3) Stee Francis Authentic Fabrics (2 color)
    4) Iverson Game used Jersey
    5) Ben Wallace All-star Apparel GU 52/100
    6) Chris jeffries Authentic fabrics
    7) Elton Brand Authentic fabrics
    8) Marcus Camby Authentic Fabrics GOLD 87/100
    9) Antawn Jameson Game Used
    10) Richard Hamilton Game -used

    Oh, and 5 topps 04 Jumbo pack break
    1)Black Border Jumaine Jones (148/500)
    2)Black Border Travis Best (160/500)
    3) Caron Butler Love it Live
    4)Baron Davis Love it Live
    5) Allen Iverson Love it Live

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    i got these two cards that might interest you:

    02-03 spx jsy/auto rc kareem rush BV40
    02-03 upper deck finite elements jsy kobe bryant BV40

    you can also check my page

    i need these cards of yours:

    Shane Battier Authentic Patches (4 color) 99/100
    Steve Francis Authentic Fabrics (2 color)

    i'd like to make a deal. lmk


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    I like your Francis as well, I've got an 80$ Kobe on my site. Take a look. Thanks.

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    anything else besides those? I have the kobe already.

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    what kind of Kobe do you have?

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    This is the Kobe:

    00-01 Upper Deck Silver K. Bryant #439 #ed 004/100

    Let me know, I like your other Francis cards on your site as well.

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    is the Kobe a Gu or an insert?

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    It's an instert, sir. If you like Shaq, I have 2 of his RCs. Let me know.

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    i'm really wanting to trade for Gu for Gu.
    i hope you understand.

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    Ok, thanks anyways. Let me know if you are having trouble getting of your hands ;).

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