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Thread: Lots of New stuff for trade!!

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    Lots of New stuff for trade!!

    Hey everyone I have many new cards for trade. Check out my Tradelist and LMK whatcha want. Thanks and Peace

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    I want the Iverson roundball jersey

    I want the tmac roudnball jersey

    I want the topps fionest jerome Williams

    check out my site do u only want basketball or will utake basketball

    If you only want basketball click my www

    If you want football or baseball go to

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    I like your T-mac Jersey.
    check my site...
    I also have 03-04 Topps Tony Parker (base)
    LMK. Thanks!

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    Hey I already have the Topps Parker. I only realy need Tony Parker Jerseys for that Tmac. Sorry but thanks

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    I have D.Robinson Floor cards bv15.
    I will give you this card for Olowakandi Fresh Ink.
    LMK. Thanks!

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