I'm looking to buy cards to complete some next-to-impossible sets. If you do not have any cards of the following sets but do have information on where I might find some, it would be greatly appreciated. Aside from the sets listed I'm always on the look out for other cards from 2005-06, particularly 1/1's, unique patches/jersey pieces, high grade rookies (BGS) and cards numbered to 25 or less. I will also consider lesser limited cards if they are from MVP (gold /100), victory gold (/100) and victory silver (/250). Please let me know what you have and how much you'd like for it. I look forward to seeing what's out there :)
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Need cards from the following sets (examples of my cards in pictures below):

2005-06 Upper Deck High Gloss /10

2005-06 UD Game Patches /15

2005-06 Victory Black /5