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  1. #1 - NCF - Clarett requests clearance for '04 NFL draft


    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Suspended Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett has asked the NFL to change its rules and make him eligible for the 2004 NFL draft.

    I think it would be better if he stayed in school.
    Paul Tagliabue

    Commissioner Paul Tagliabue said Sunday that the league received a request last week from Clarett's lawyer, Alan C. Milstein.

    Talgliabue told The Associated Press that a lawyer from his office would meet with a lawyer for Clarett to discuss the case, probably the week after next.

    Last week, Clarett was suspended by Ohio State for at least one season for violating NCAA bylaws concerning benefits for athletes and for lying to investigators. Also, Ohio State is investigating charges that athletes received improper help in classes.

    Clarett, who rushed for 1,237 yards and 18 touchdowns last season as Ohio State won the national championship, is in his second year at the school. Under NFL rules, he would not be eligible for the draft until his third year out of high school, which would be 2005.

    Tagliabue said the NFL remains opposed to changing that rule, which was put into effect in 1990 with the agreement of the NFL Players' Association.

    "I think it would be better if he stayed in school," the commissioner said.

    Asked if he thought, as a lawyer, that the NFL could win a lawsuit if Clarett were to file one, Tagliabue replied: "My feeling as commissioner is that we have a very strong case and that we'll win it."

    CBS Sports reported Sunday that Gene Upshaw, the executive director of the Players' Union, said that Milstein had threatened a suit. Calls to Milstein and Upshaw by The Associated Press were not immediately returned.


    I love how Paul thinks he'd win a lawsuit. He might be able to drag it in court for a few years but if Clarett is real about this, he will win and change things for the future of the NFL.

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  3. #2 Clarett can't follow the rules of the NCAA, and now wants it changed for him in the NFL?

    Think of all the things he's gonna do once he makes his millions.

    If you thought Maurice "...oh, officer, I lost my car that I borrowed from my agent and the $15,000 worth of equipment..." Clarett was a liar, cheater, and thief when he was in college with no money, just wait until he gets his millions.

    This dude had it all...but instead of playing within the system, and waiting 1-2 more years to make his multi-millions, he took the easy way out.

    Think Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf

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    Why should he have to play within the system when the system itself is illegal? If it wasn't for people like Clarett who rebell against the wrongs in society... hell, women still wouldn't be allowed to vote and black people would have to sit in the back of the bus.

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    1. Did Clarett drive a car that was leased by an agent? yes or no?

    2. Did Clarett not file a police report claiming that $10,000 worth of his items were in the car that got stolen? yes or no?

    You cannot possibly compare the sh*t that Clarett did to the wonderful civil rights action by Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., etc.

    Maurice Clarett will be lucky if 1% of his actions is for the good of his people.

    You think that Maurice will be donating a part of his income for the African American movement once he makes it to the NFL and receives a paycheck?

    And I suppose you think OJ Simpson didn't murder Nicole Brown Simpson?

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    Sorry... that was my Sociology of Sports class talking there.

    I didn't mean Clarett was doing a wonderful civil rights movement thing... I was just using them as examples that at one point were deviant behavior and now it is the norm.

    Currently it is deviant behavior for someone to want to go to the NFL without having 3 years of some kind of college. Why though? Do I think someone can go right from high school to the NFL and be effective? Not in high skill positions such as QB,,, but why couldn't someone out of high school play DB in the NFL at 18-19 years old? DB is pretty much a speed position, size is a plus but not needed. The hardest part would be learning a NFL defense but there are athletes with great minds so it could easily be done.

    (goes off on a Pod rant here)One of the greatest things about America is you cannot withhold someone from working because of age, sex, ethnicity and religion. So tell me... why should the NFL be different? Why should the NFL be allowed to deny someone of a job? Clarett would have gotten drafted at the end of last year... he would still get drafted now. Why must everyone go to college?

    I guess my Sociology of Sports professor has really opened my eyes to how much bull college is. He owns 2 multi-million dollar companies that he built on his own. One day in class, he gave us problems to solve. They seem pretty simple but hardly anyone in the class could get them. Here they are :

    VI ~ add one thing to this to give me 7

    IX ~ add one thing to this to give me 6 )2 different answers)

    It took 15 minutes before anyone came up with both answers to the second one. He was showing us that all these damn classes we take don't mean crap because we can't solve problems in the business world. He showed that college students can barf up information given to them but can't think on their own anymore. College is VERY over-rated!

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    I totally agree that college is extremely over-rated.

    But, for my career, and for my field, college is a necessity.

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    college is not neccessay for the NFL, the NFL uses college as a minor league that way they avoid spending money like every other sport almost has a minor league system to get people ready for the big time...

    Do I think that clarrett is a victim, yes I do

    First off, how much money has OSU made off of him, in simply jersey sales, a ton and what have they paid him, opps they gave him a scholarship, what is that worth abotu that 50K, that they don't even pay the alumni pays that loot, college players should be given the option of paying there own way through college or if they can't accept the scholarships...

    Do I think that clarrett lied on the police report, nope, I think he lied after the fact to protect OSU...I believe if he was so wrong in his doings, that OSU, wouldn't want him back next year...

    Do I think that he got some help in school, of course he might have, you would too...Hell if I could find someone to take my tests I would have as owners do it to us all the time, they pay us to do the work they don't want to do.

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    Maurice Clarett is a victim as much as OJ Simpson is a victim.

    Thousands of athletes follow the rules (however inane the rules may be).

    But Clarett thought he was GOD; he thought he could do anything he wanted, with impugnity. He thought his talents were so awesome, and that he was indispensable...that if he broke rules here and there, that it wouldn't matter.

    Now, he has found out that he is NOT God.

    The fact of the matter is: Clarett himself screwed this up for himself.

    No one else planted evidence on him
    No one else plotted years and years to do this to him
    No one else framed him

    This was Clarett's doing, and solely his own doing.

    In today's society, it's everyone else's fault but your own.

    Eat at McDonalds all your life, get obese, then sue McDonalds b/c you got obese from voluntarily eating their food.

    People who waste taxpayer money with sh*t like this ought to be shot

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    you must have never seen the movie "blue chips"

    what clarrett did or didn't do happens everyday in the NCAA arena.

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