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    Cool 2003 Bowman Chrome Baseball on eBay

    Trying to test the waters out on something so I listed some 2003 Bowman Chrome Baseball on eBay. You can always help an Iggy out and give me a bid :D

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    Hey Iggy, I just bid on your Griffey X-Fractor. I currently have 2,054 different griffeys, but I need that one.


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    nice, my suggestion is that you add that you will combine shipping to your auctions and that way people will want more maybe or at least bid on other things.

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    I was going to but forgot... once I remembered I had already listed like 10 items and at that point I said eff it.

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    Well eBay sucks ™™™ and cancelled all my auctions for some reason. I had to relist everything so if you had bids on anything you might want to put them back in!

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    Only 6 hours left... still got some great cards for cheap including :

    Felix Pie rookie that books at $25 - current bid $4.55
    Felix Pie rookie refractor that books at $40 - current bid at $7.10

    + many other great rookies who don't even have a minimum bid of 49 cents! Get them now before they're all-stars in a few years and blow up like Rich Harden's 02 Bowman Chrome and 02 Dontrelle Willis Bowman Chrome DP&R did!

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