Major League Baseball Team Packs, Various Brands/Years

At least 30 base cards per pack

$8 a team pack
Shipped, BMWT

Great for starting a collection
Great for TTM (Thru The Mail Autos)

Paypal FF

Teams / # of packs available
Braves x7
Marlins x6
Mets x9
Phillies x7
Nationals x4
Expos x2
Cubs x9
Reds x6
Brewers x7
Pirates x5
Cardinals x8
Diamondbacks x6
Rockies x6
Dodgers x9
Padres x5
Giants x7
Orioles x6
Red Sox x0
Yankees x9
Rays x5
Blue Jays x7
White Sox x5
Indians x8
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Tigers x6
Royals x6
Twins x6
Astros x8
Angels x5
Athletics x7
Mariners x7
Rangers x6