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Thread: Selling cards for card cash

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    Selling cards for card cash

    Let me know your favorite player and i will Find a whole bunch of cards of them and let you nkow what ones they are and you can buy them as a lot or indivually. I ahve a lot of jerseys and high end insterts.


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    erik cole, todd bertuzzi, cam neely, andy moog, roberto luongo

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    sealedpwr- I have Keith primeau vintage framed sweaters,

    Roman Cechmanek Super stoppers mask jersey

    UD mark Recchi Pinpoint accurate jersey

    I also some score Eric Lindross rookies

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    YankeePride- I ahve 1 Devils GU Bobby holik Topps 2000 game jersey.......that is worth like $80

    i have tons of Devils inserts

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    leftyshan-No kings GU i ahve lots of inserts though.... let me know if you are still interseted

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    jared_w_hansen-only a few neely inserts and coomns of the other players

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