Thank you for visiting the Rules page for the High End Football Forum. It's our hope that members will adhere to these rules to ensure a positive experience for members posting some beautiful cards for trade, sale, or just showing off your collection.

If you haven't read the Overview thread yet, please do so to get an idea of our expectations for what this forum can become.

Reminder of the key criteria for what we are considering a "high end" card:

1. A card with a "book value" of at least $100.
2. A card with an average Sale Value of at least $50.
3. A card that is Not Priced Due to Scarcity (NPDTS) due to a print run of 10 or less.
4. A card from a high-end product that is NPDTS due to a print run of 19 or less. Examples of high-end products are Panini One, National Treasures, Spectra, etc. This list is not exhaustive, of course, but you get the idea.

Key rules for this forum:

1. Please post photos with all cards that you are listing. If there are condition issues, please let them be known.
2. Provide details of the card, including description and where possible your expectations in a deal (i.e. "looking for $250SV based on current sales on eBay)
3a. If you have a specific want list we ask that you post your thread in the same format as cards for trade. Cards on the list must meet high-end criteria; if this standard is not met your thread will be moved to the regular trading forum.
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3b. If you have a general high-end want list (i.e. your team/player PC has numerous high-end cards) we will allow you to be somewhat vague. We understand that there's a lot of superstar players that have a lot of high-end cards and that typing out a full list can be cumbersome. We do ask that responses to such threads only include high-end cards.

General rule reminders:

1. Any cards you post for trade/sale here must be in your possession.
2. When trading think about the other person you are trading with, and treat the cards you are sending through the mail as if you were receiving them. This is all the more important when it comes to high end cards. No one appreciates receiving damaged cards, particularly when they are worth a considerable amount of money. As above, if you have condition issues on a card, please disclose in advance.
3. Have fun! This area is meant to be a big-time show-us-what-you-got forum with some of the best cards in our hobby.