Welcome To The High End Baseball Forum!

The High End Forum was created to give collectors a forum to display their high-end cards and wants without having to sort through all the lower-end product posts found in the regular Trading and Buying/Selling Forums. The definition of what constitutes a high-end card varies according to different collectors, and there has been considerable discussion in order to come up with a set of criteria that will allow collectors to clearly understand the rules we have established for this Forum. We recognize that many members trade by book value, others by recent sales, and so forth—these can all lead to different conclusions about what is a high-end card. Book Value is far from perfect, but it still the most comprehensive resource in the hobby. Sale Value (derived from sites such as eBay) is another contentious method of deciding a card’s worth, and we have incorporated that into the criteria as well.

SCF Staff recognize that there are cards with a "book value" over $100 that do not sell for at least $50, and that there are cards that regularly sell for more than $50 that do not have a "book value" of $100. In order to maximize participation in the High End Forum, we have allowed for members to use their discretion – so long as you can demonstrate that your card meets one or more of the criteria listed, it belongs in this Forum. Common sense rules apply: if the card has sold in the past (i.e. release day) for $50+ but has now settled at a lower value, please consider posting it in the general forum of your choice.

Below are the criteria that SCF members will utilize when determining whether a card should be posted in the High End Football Forum. If a card meets one or more of these criteria, it belongs here!

1. A card with a "book value" of at least 0.
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2. A card with an average Sale Value of at least $50.
3. A card that is Not Priced Due to Scarcity (NPDTS) due to a print run of 10 or less.
4. A card from a high-end product that is NPDTS due to a print run of 19 or less. Examples of high-end products are Panini One, National Treasures, Immaculate, Spectra etc. This list is not exhaustive, of course, but you get the idea.

Unlike past iterations of the High End Forums, we encourage members to post Buying/Selling and Show & Tell threads in this forum, as well as Trading threads. We want to see this area become a hub of activity for big-dollar cards, those monster hits and your top traders!