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    HELP! Joe Montana #'d 37/100 $15 or$80.00??

    Hello Everyone!
    I am really exited about the pull but i need help with it!
    I bought i bocx of assorted packs today at K-mart and in the very first pack i opened i got a 2002 Gridiron Kings Joe Montana card #161. It is numbered in gold numbers #37/100. The front is a painting of Joe with a black boarder. NOw my question is is this card worth $15 or is it worth $80. If you need a scan i can make one.
    PLease help!

    Added description:

    Front: Black Border, Painting of Montana.
    Back: Says Crowning Moment at top. Bottom has gold numbers #'d 37/100

    Thanks please help!

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    I believe that's the gold that books at $80. The silver is #d to 400 and books for $40. Very nice pull!!!

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    Yes...OUt of a retail pack!!!!!!! WOW...CAUGHT DAMN!lol

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